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  1.   An honest one...   Once more: every culture/society produces asocial and feral individuals, that's just unquestionable human nature.   Do we agree on that?   Can we agree that catholic priests pedophiles act against the doctrines they say value and follow?   It's irrelevant to that discussion if the church didn't do anything, we both agree that the Catholic church is despicable. I know it quite close, I can talk about it from what I've witnessed and learn form it form other sources. Every human institution is corruptible, that's not debatable and it's not what we're discussing.
  2.   Point out where I 'rabidly bashed' all Muslims and I can gladly write a sincere apology to anyone here that felt offended. I've pointed out the evil side of humanity as whole and clarify the things I consider from certain doctrines of Islam dangerous. You on the other hand, are willing to only 'rabidly bash' upon a blurry recipient and promote the idea that everyone should just complain about other things and not Islamic terrorism because you do not consider it an important issue.   Maybe you should show yourself as well the door...
  3.   You were clearly speaking for Muslims when someone questioned some facts about concerning behaviors within the Muslim community, as the post that I quote clearly shows. Now you do not want to talk on behalf of all Muslims? Great, you're evolving...   Could you please point out where I blamed all Muslims for the actions of fundamentalist Muslim lunatics? It's crystal clear that Islam has certain dogmas that promote violent actions, including the capital punishment, which 'if the right conditions are met' could be applied to apostates, adulterers or homosexuals. Those dogmas were supposedly written by Allah...   Yes, we agree... heinous acts should be condemn by everyone, including the ones committed by people supposedly without any agency at all and hence less guilty, or the ones committed by the powerful.   The ones suffering Islam the most are definitely Muslims, so all my thoughts and prayers are with them...   What was that?  
  4.   Have I excused the behavior of the priests?!   It's irrelevant if the church did or did not do anything to stop the behavior, that's not the point. I've always said: Feral and human trash is present in every culture and society, but those priests and the catholic church act AGAINST the teachings and doctrines they say follow and value.   You appear to ignore what I wrote or willingly misrepresent what I say, which clearly shows that you're not willing to have an honest discussion.
  5.   Could you please show us where in the New Testament child abuse is permitted?!
  6.   I talked about christians in general, that includes Lutherans and Catholics... The point still permeate: Violent doctrines, supported, promoted, uphold, enacted by authority figures/religious leaders and its followers is not, thankfully, universal.   Thankfully in the bast majority of the world, we've evolved out of the Middle Ages, unfortunately humans cannot just stop playing with its favorite toy: religion.
  7.   Please show us priests demanding from the pulpit the blood of Jews, Muslims and 'even Asians' (whatever that means)? Please show us orthodox Jews, acting upon the word of God, decapitating doctors because they vaccinated a Jew child? Please show us an orthodox Mexican catholic, acting upon the word of God, decapitating a journalist that supports abortion and equal legal rights for homosexuals?   No one questions the existence of feral humans in every society, doctrine, religion or culture, present or past. We produce them all over the world and under every scheme possible, that's unquestionable human nature. The issue at hand is where and under which circumstances we have an overrepresentation of these individuals in the XXI century...   Petty or violent crime is present in every society, the scale and rawness of that crime and unsocial behaviors varies accordingly to the impact of the lack or partial presence of the State of Law within these social groups/countries. What's not universal is the presence of doctrinal views, supported, promoted and enacted by the authority figures and followers of these doctrines, that justify heinous acts upon 'infidels', apostates, women, homosexuals, 'blasphemers' or pretty much everyone that does not kneel to the totalitarian 'norms'.    Were these views almost universal? Yes, but we have thankfully evolved out of the Middle Ages...   Does feral humans exist in modern and liberal democracies? Yes, fortunately/unfortunately we still cannot program humans like they were software, and human nature will always surface again and again, even in the most 'advanced' and open societies...    
  8.   Indeed...   But I haven't seen an orthodox Jew decapitate an orthodox Lutheran in New York City because the latter one offered him a pastrami sandwich that wasn't kosher.   They all have ultra orthodox/modern/liberal views of their religion, but there's not a movement within them to assassinate another jew or lutheran if someone disagrees with their liberal interpretation of the 'word' of God. There's certainly a foggy ambient within Israel and some monarchies between the separation of church and State, you have to accept that, but they're not theocracies. And certainly the orthodox Jews living in other countries, including Latin America, does not seek to impose their doctrines on the rest of society or overthrow the constitutions of the republics they live in...    
  9.   The problem with Islam is that there's no central authority that can dictate how to interpret the 'sacred word of Allah', a 'perfect' and 'immutable' text that should not be tangle with. The same text was present in Iran before and after the islamic revolution, in the former times, life was way better for women, in the latter times is far, far worse. The same case repeat itself throughout the Middle East. They have gone backwards in time faster than anyone could thought was possible.   Liberal Muslims interpret some of the nastiest doctrines of Islam in some ways, the cavemen from the 'Islamic State' interpret them literally... Who's right? No one knows and if you do an effort to interpret them in a 'modern', 'liberal' view of the world, your life is at risk.
  10.   We came to a country where freedom of thought, religion and speech are respected; where equality between sexes and before the law, irrespective of your sexual preferences, is uphold; where the State of Law is maintained and protected, and every citizen or legal resident of that jurisdiction is a right holder, whatever the views of their peers or parents is; where separation of church and State is absolute.   It's not complicated at all: your freedom of religion does not supersede or have prevalence over the individual rights of your keen or neighbours... It's irrelevant if your religion allows you to think or enforce that your young daughter should get married at 10 years old or have multiple co-wives with the husband of your choice, the German State has the obligation to uphold the rights of your little girl; and that's why some of the fundamental doctrines of Islam, too many really, are opposed to a liberal democracy...   It's just unbelievable how people coming from hellholes, third world countries or 'developing economies, like mine, cannot just simply bless the opportunity to live in a country where there's actually a State of Law.  
  11.   Why couldn't I mock Islam, the prophet that supposedly rode a Pegasus or Allah?!   I'm not a Muslim nor I live in a Muslim theocracy...   A few Mexican females have been assaulted in Germany because they were not wearing a burka and were confused as 'Muslims', thanks to having a certain melanin concentration in their skin. Is that respectful to you? It seems that you do not speak for all the Muslims in the world and your view of what Islam is or should be is not shared by a lot of Muslims living in this country.
  12.   I'm sorry to bring up to life again this thread, but searching the forum for news about the Würzburg attack I couldn't found anything and stumbled with this beauty...   I cannot comprehend how people navigate through their lives only using what their immediate observable reality tells them, specially speaking of a country that large and diverse, and/or when the understanding of concepts such as 'mean', 'average', 'percentage' are needed in any discussion.   Strange how the dreadful events such as the one in Würzburg are treated in the 'mass' media...    
  13. Rules for rental property maintenance

      There  are usually clauses within the contract that specifies whom is to repair what and up to which amount. Regular maintenance of faucets, basins and mixers are under the responsibility of the miter; every other repair or emergency up to an established amount, likely a couple of hundred euros, is as well your responsibility. Pretty much anything else is on the field of the vermieter, stating the obvious: anything done to or happened under normal use or an accident that wasn't your fault.    From your previous comments it's obvious that your place hasn't been maintained in a long time, out of irresponsibility or financial impediment, but either way the problems are just going to keep coming whatever the outcome of your negotiations with the landlord to repair X. Tomorrow it will be Y and Z...   If the rent you pay can justify putting up with all these issues and you're willing to tolerate them, you can maintain making bets when is the next thing going to fail, if it's not, I would start looking for another place to live.
  14. Euro 2020 and 2021

      "... the world has ever seen since 1954, but..."   ...   It is a strong team, it was unbelievable how every time they attacked Germany a sense of danger was in the air; that certainly doesn't portray Germany's defense very well, nonetheless it was Hungary's effort that produced that sense.
  15. Euro 2020 and 2021

    It was certainly the best Hungary the world has ever seen, but...   ... it's unbelievable that Germany depended on a kid (Musiala), that entered the pitch for the last ten minutes of the game, and finally someone could drible an adversary and pass the ball.   ...   The only one looking strong is Italy!