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  1. Hi,   So, I have a situation at the moment.  I am a full-time student in Bachelors and have had 2 jobs since 8 months. 2 werkstudent. And both of my employers are aware of my jobs. Now, social insurance sent a letter to my first employer that social insurance has to be paid and thats a sort of a fine that I am paying at the moment. I have no issues with that. Just to get out of this situation, I converted one of my werkstudent to a minijob.   Now my first employer wants to me give them in written that, I will not exceed 20hrs/week. I have many friends  (non-EU), who work a werkstudent and a minijob or a werkstudent+ hiwi job.   I want to know, is it possible to continue doing that because other students does it without any problem? Thanks.