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  1. Dear All, I tried to find if a similar questions has been asked in past - but could not find anything.   One of my family member, a non-eu national has a residence permit to live in Germany. He is currently away from Germany and has been stuck in a 3rd country due to covid closures.   His passport will expire in June and the dates in the residence permit are the same as the passport expiry date. I believe for those with Visa, you need 6 months passport validity to enter EU. What is the rule for residence permit.   Can the person enter Germany with a valid residence permit and passport, even though it has just few months validity.   Ideally, we would like to apply for a new passport, when we are back in Germany as we have a residence there. Alternatively, he has to return back to the home country - which is not ideal in current circumstances.   Will be very thankful for any advice.