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  1. Working parents with little children

    I think you need to be very lucky to find a kindergarten/Kita/Krippe space in Germany and Ganzentagsklassen at primary schools are always very full as well - lots of immigrant families and severe teacher shortage. 
  2. @jeba @maxie @kiplette   Thank you so much for taking the time and sharing your knowledge and experience with me :-) It is not easy working with him everyday at home helping him to get all his school work done.  PLUS my patience is wearing very thin these days... I guess all I can do at the moment is to keep working with him at home and being hopeful schools will reopen sometime soon so that we can try to seek some extra help as well as visit a local Montessori school.   Thanks again, everyone!  
  3. @kiplette Thank you so much for your comment! Good point! We are deep in the Bavarian Forest. Yes very true, the school has always been very supportive for all our 3 children for the last 3 years :-) 
  4. @engelchen Thank you so much for your suggestion! I have already had a quick look through other posts but I will do it again later on :-)
  5. @LeonG Thank you so much for your comment and yes you are absolutely right! I really need to train myself to be more patient :-)   
  6. Does anyone have any experience of sending children with learning difficulties to German schools?    We relocated from New Zealand to Germany 3 years ago.    Our youngest son (6 years old) went to the local Kindergarten for 2 years and he is now in 1st grade at the local primary school. However because of lockdown, he has so far only been to school for 13 weeks.    He has always been a slow learner and he struggles with basic maths (addition and subtraction) and it is almost impossible for him to do kopfrechnen. We suspect he has dyscalculia.     We are keeping closely in touch with the school and his teacher and they are aware of our concern. We have also got an offer from the school for him to attend one to one intensive maths lessons once a week. However once again because of Lockdown it hasn't happened yet, and it is most likely he won't be able to achieve the required maths level in order to move to the 2nd grade from September.    We have no problem with him repeating the 1st grade again, but maybe we should also look at the other options, Förderschule or Montessori school.        Thank you so much for reading my post and it would be greatly appreciated if you could give us some advice and thoughts.