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  1. Anlage V in tax declaration (property rentals)

    Hi, I'm going to add on another question to the above. If my only income in Germany is rental income and I am not resident in Germany, can I still claim for some expenses such as administrative equipment or communication costs? Would this be declared in Est1C or Anlage V? Thanks
  2. Hello friends, My situation:  I own 2 studio apartments in Berlin that I have been renting out since several years. I am however not resident in Germany. I declare Est1C + Anlage V every year, but I probably haven't been doing it exactly as I should. I'd like to try and get it right this year !  I might save some tax too ! Firstly, I rent my flats annually, at a flat monthly rate with all included (warmmiete). So I don't look at Nebenkosten etc. Usually I just put my rent received in line 9 of Anlage V and the total of costs (Hausgeld + electricity + repairs) in line 22. The tax office has been happy with this up until now, but is it realy ok? Secondly, for the depreciation, I need to do this correctly too. In the past I have hoped the tax office takes this into consideration based simply on my Unit Value number and purchase date. However, I suspect this isn't enough. I guess I need to do line 33 too. Anybody who can give me some tips for this? Thank you very much in advance.