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  1. Hi,   I would like to ask for some advice about how to fill my 2020 tax declaration on Elster. The situation I'm in is a bit complicated:   1. Full-time employment and resident in Germany January 2020-June2020 2. Started new full-time employment in the UK in June 2020, but could not move there yet due to COVID-19 lockdown. Remained in Germany while working remotely for my UK employer and paying taxes in the UK (income tax, health insurance, pension contribution). 3. Moved to the UK in August 2020, living and working there until the end of 2020 (and present).   If I understand correctly, because I spent 183 or more days in Germany in 2020, for that year I am a tax resident there and hence my income taxes are due to be paid there.   I'm aware that Germany and the UK have a double taxation avoidance agreement. I found it online but my German is too poor and even after using DeepL I do not understand anything. I just hope that I will not be double taxed and the worst thing that will happen is that my total tax rate for 2020 will be raised if my UK job has a higher salary. Plus, I hope it will remain relatively uncomplicated as until the end of 2020 the UK was still a member of the EU. (don't get me started on how horrible Brexit is)   Now, I am trying to fill my tax declaration for 2020 in Elster. And I do not understand how to fill the foreign income section in my case AT ALL.   Am I correct that all the information I have to enter is within Anlage-N section on Elster?... And I have a couple of questions...   1. The way I paid tax in 2020 has three categories: German resident paying German income tax, German resident paying UK income tax, UK resident paying UK income tax. How do I fill that in Elster in general? Can the latter two be put together, or do I have to count them separately?   2. Line 22 - " Steuerfreier Arbeitslohn nach Doppelbesteuerungsabkommen / sonstigen zwischenstaatlichen Übereinkommen (Summe aus Zeilen 50, 71 und / oder 82 aller Anlagen N-AUS)" . Is this netto or brutto? I don't understand what is "tax-free" income under DBA. Is it my income brutto, before any UK tax, or netto, after I paid UK tax? 3. When I entered the Brutto amount I received in the UK, I got the following notification - "Die Summe aller steuerfrei zu stellenden ausländischen Arbeitslöhne nach DBA laut Anlage(n) N-AUS stimmt nicht mit dem auf der Anlage N angegebenen Betrag überein (Steuerpflichtige Person / Ehemann / Person A)". Do I understand correctly that this means I have to add my UK income as Eintrag 2 at the very beginning of Anlage-N, "2 - Angaben zum Arbeitslohn", lines 6-10? But how do I do that if the "tax categories" in Anlage-N are German ones (Lohsteuer, Solidaritätszuschlag)? How do I fill the UK income in, for which I paid PAYE (UK income tax), national health insurance and pension? Or I leave those empty, put only UK brutto income in, and then declare the taxes paid in the UK elsewhere?   Sorry for the lengthy post and thank you in advance for your advice... I asked a couple of my German friends about this and some of them said that I'm in a very sticky situation and that I should hire a tax attorney... but I am a single young person that just graduated, I won't be getting any big tax return and I don't have a lot of money to pay to an attorney. The thought of having to pay a gigantic sum to some tax attorney just to stay out of trouble with German tax authorities is making me nauseous.   Thank you...