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  1. Insurance for PhD student (no employment contract)

    I asked my university explaining my case and they said I should select 'Studium'.  
  2. Insurance for PhD student (no employment contract)

    Can I easily fill this questionnaire? Or I should get in contact with Steuerberater where they could charge money for? - Which one do you recommend?   I am in the similar situation like Simren which is not comfortable of course.   And in this case, should also change my resident permit type? Because, I applied for 'Studium' in the Aufenthaltstitel application. Because, I am registered as a PhD student at an university in Germany and I am writing my doctoral thesis with a company where they pay remuneration (Aufwandsentschädigung).   Could you please help me?   Thanks a lot in advance!  
  3. Hello @nrwninja,   did you solved this issue already? Could you please share your experience how you did?   Thanks!   Best reagrds