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  1. What the hell have I done to my knee?

    Fortunately I live on the edge of a small quiet town. There are a few older people here using tricycles, I saw one with two front wheels and one back wheel.   Trikes might be good in theory but they are wide and heavy.
  2. Just read about some people who decorated their house with thousands of lights, they got a threatening letter. I guess someone objects to energy being wasted.   The cops are investigating the letter writer for "versuchte Noetigung". Why not just "Noetigung", I want to know!
  3. What the hell have I done to my knee?

    Cycling seems to be good for knees, I am cycling more since I retired.   Best to use a low (easy) gear. Best of all perhaps a low single fixed gear, if you do not have to go up and down hill much.
  4. Address in Germany after I Move out of Germany

    You can get letters forwarded, ask the Deutsche Post about Nachsendung international You can get it for a year, and renew for six months more. I think letters forwarded by other post services may not be forwarded.
  5. If the rules are simplified, less staff are needed. There are enough people who could apply but can not afford the fees. I think it was about 500€ in total for me.   Getting UK citizenship is more expensive, a couple of grand, many people could not pay that out of the Portokasse/petty cash😕
  6. Depends which Bundesland you are in. The law leaves a lot open to interpretation, some do not require that you spend €140 on a language test. .. A modification to the law is planned by Ms Faeser, Innenministerin: you would be able to apply after 5 years, people over 67 would not have to take the language test.
  7. BREXIT positives and negatives

    Net migration into the UK was 500 000+ in a year. Lots of Hong Kong people can move to the UK (educated, speak English)
  8. I found they were very friendly. Just make sure you are there in time and have all the documents.
  9. Might be true, but I wish bus drivers would concentrate on obeying traffic law and driving/braking smoothly.
  10. 16C, 61F, that is quite warm.   I see people going out to the bins wearing T-shirts, obviously their homes are too warm. And/or heating energy is too cheap? That seems plausible, or perhaps people just have too much money? ..  My slogan: put clothes on, not the heating!
  11. No social life after 9 years in Germany

    I just ask: Wie heissen Sie bitte noch mal langsam?/please, repeat your name slowly.
  12. How to get rid of plastic electric appliances

    One does hope that the discarded electric devices are picked up by a firm that recovers recycleable parts, could be good business.   But does anyone know? Apparently a lot of the stuff we carefully put in recycling bins is burnt. ..  At the train station there used to be bins for recycling, but many have gone.   There are now general bins with stickers: "wir trennen fuer Sie"/we sort for you!
  13. No social life after 9 years in Germany

    Do you know if you are talking to a person, or a machine? .. There is a lot to be said for anonymity, especially in Germany (data protection laws!)😃
  14. How to get rid of plastic electric appliances

    I asked at the first-named retailer today. The friendly cashier said that one could hand in smaller items (Kettles, Radios) at the counter, and bigger items (fridges?) at the lager/warehouse door.   She said they do not have a box where you can chuck the stuff in yourself. I guess people would put all sorts of other rubbish in a box😉