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  1. Peter Sodann, German actor, had a similar problem when he was young. He spent too much time reading books 🤔
  2. Mosquito season is back

    Many city administrations do not collect organic waste seperately, (not worth it financially) so you chuck it in the Restmüll and it is incinerated.
  3. Heating options for the home

    Fernwärme, heat and hot water, was/is available 24/7/365 but you do not have to use it.
  4. €49 Ticket is here

    My train was late again, spoke to the friendly ticket-inspector, he asked for the connecting train to wait for me so I got home on time🙂 Sometimes train travel is troubling (delays, overcrowding etc) but it is so much easier than driving. Driving and parking in Berlin?🙃 No, I prefer my Mercedes plus Chauffeur (Bus)
  5. All things Tesla

    I should like to buy a vehicle without unnecessary features (power steering, air-conditioning, tinted windows etc). But with automatic transmission. Are any such still made, or do I have to go secondhand, 10, 20 years old?
  6. Why are you happy today?

    The €-scooters banned from Paris are going to Berlin 😕
  7. Sir Keir just streamlined his shadow cabinet, again. Really not sure who I would vote for 🤔
  8. €49 Ticket is here

    Not doing a train trip this week. Bahn website was just upgraded=does not work, so I can not check train times 😕
  9. Why new 'discount' food shops?

    I get nearly everything at CheapStore near home. Dunno if some stuff is cheaper at the Drugstore but going there would cos$t me a lot of time. Most stores have a quadratisch rectangular layout but one drugstore, that I never use, has the shelves angled, is the plan to induce mental confusion so people buy more stuff they do not need?
  10. Annoying neighbour / business. Suggestions

    In the summer one sees so many people who have "verschlimbessert" themselves with tattoos, is that the new normal? A bit like shaving. That is so unnatural, it was dreamed up only to sell products and make ca$h😕
  11. Why new 'discount' food shops?

    Schlecker was better than the ubiquitous new drug stores. I boycott those too🙃
  12. Annoying neighbour / business. Suggestions

    One thing about nail studios, they emit an unpleasant gluey smell. I wonder whether the substances used pose a danger to health. ... What class of person uses nail studios? Female, male, divers?
  13. Annoying neighbour / business. Suggestions

    I like classical music, it would encourage me to linger. But in the "Supermarkt" loud pop music is played, that puts me orf and I try to get my food and leave ASAP.🙃 Why do the cheap food stores not play music?
  14. Thinking about leaving Germany

    Lovely fresh weather today, took me a moment to realise the weather is the reason I am feeling cheerful, energetic. But 30°+ is expected Saturday Fortunately, in North Germany the main seasons are spring and fall🙃
  15. €49 Ticket is here

    More toilet troubles on the ODEG. On one train all four toilets were out of service. So at one station the driver announced he would wait a while so hundreds of passengers could go in the bushes.😕