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  1. Parking apps becoming the only choice

    €bikes can be entertaining too:   Some people hired €bikes to 'cycle' up a hill in Bayern, they whizzed up, had lunch in the restaurant at the top. The hill looked quite different from above, they were too scared to cycle down. They walked back, left the 'cycles' at the top to be recovered later by the mountain rescue team, the 'cyclists' were billed several hundred euros!   Nothing to laugh about here: The media have reported many accidents involving older people on €bikes, apparently the machines can be unpredictable, go faster than riders are used to, they are unwieldy and weigh much more than conventional cycles. Perhaps older people could be sold simple light appropriate bikes instead, but that would mean much less turnover for the retailer$.   Many €bikes are illegally modified (frisiert) so the motor pushes them much faster than allowed. In any case a motor is about going faster, more acceleration, more danger for others.
  2. Parking apps becoming the only choice

    'Can' or 'may'?   In many cases 20 kmh is too fast, on shared paths with children dogs etc.   €mobility, $cooters, €bikes, whatever, is a curse and danger to walkers and cyclists.
  3. Learning third language from German

    "Leichte Sprache", a simplified form of German, could be worth learning.   But I find it unnatural and complicated. Perfectly good compound words have a hyphen added in the middle, in radio the term 'das Land USA' is used instead of just 'USA'. Leichte Sprache seems HARDER to understand for someone used to everyday German!
  4. Learning third language from German

    Nynorsk or Boekmal?
  5. Learning third language from German

    @karin_brenig Very good, I wish I could join a kindergarten to learn. And in my next life I might be an Erzieher (m) working with little kiddies (apparently nearly all are ErzieherInnen).   But: not sure I agree with you, I think some people just 'can not' learn new languages.
  6. I grew up in the UK, had French and German at school. French is rusty, German is C1+   Retired now, thinking about learning a 'third' language from German, not from English. What happens in the brain when one tries that? Is it feasible, or might my German or English suffer? Is having three (or more?) languages a big change from having two? I have 50% English and 50% German in my brain now, what happens if I add another language?
  7. Parking apps becoming the only choice

    Many drivers break the law (speed, phone, following too close, illegal parking, failure to wait/yield etc), they already deserve punishment even without new laws.
  8. Car Insurance advice to new/recent policy holders

    Can you get the UK insurer to confirm 15 years again and get a discount from the new insurer based on that?   I might think about changing to a smaller vehicle, but that might not save much.
  9. Parking apps becoming the only choice

    It is called the Verkehrswende, making driving (or parking?) less attractive. And cycling, walking, tram, train travel attractiver, just talk mostly of course.   Unfortunately the Schwarzbau in Gruenheide will soon be producing vast numbers of new cars, minus minus 😖
  10. Zahlen, bitte!

    Nothing, I make my own food so I know what I getting. On a day out I take a picnic.   Should you trust food prepared by a complete stranger?   In the UK eateries have to display hygiene ratings, does that apply in Germany?
  11. Car Insurance advice to new/recent policy holders

    Ask around, try a Versicherungsmakler. They do have Spielraum, ability to discount, you just need to spend some time on the phone, calling, writing. I bet someone is willing to drop the price to get your business.   (A Versicherungsmakler told me that she was acted in the interest of the customer, is that right?) What about Agents, Brokers, Vertreter?
  12. Train tickets on board purchase

    Ticketing for Bahn and Bus is being reorganised, simplified (?) through introduction of the Deutschland Tarif. I am quite good on railways and German but I can not really understand what it is. Something to do with ticket prices for trips outside VBB, VRR etc.
  13. Train tickets on board purchase

    300€ is more like ten times the price of a super spar ticket😞   Is this only for Fernzuege, long-distance trains?
  14. Why do we make fun of Dacia Auto?

    Because a simple mechanical steering is perfectly adequate, no need for expensive complicated heavy machines. The physical effort to turn the wheel without assistance is quite small.   The same for many other features: tinted glass, air-conditioning etc
  15. Why do we make fun of Dacia Auto?

    I was looking at a book about Romania before 1989, most of the cars in the pictures were Dacias, a licensed version of the Renault 12, quite a decent vehicle.   If I were buying a car, I should want one WITHOUT power steering, are there any without this unnecessary feature?