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  1. I really would try to go back to the old job.   I made a similar mistake once, worked one day in the new job, knew it was wrong, quietly disappeared, managed to rejoin the organisation I had just left😉
  2. 9€ Transit Ticket: where are you going?

    Took my first trip on my July ticket, it was checked twice at least. On the way back a train was cancelled, had to wait an hour at a remote train station. Can not remember the last time that happened.😉Fortunately I had enough to read+eat+drink with me, and the line is quite busy, enjoyed watching goods trains roaring by.   There are two extra trains each way on RE3, Saturdays and Sundays only.
  3. Are there a lot of police around, in uniform (or in plain clothes)?   I am rarely out after dark, but I know there are problems even in smaller towns, in Luebeck for example the drug scene is now near the train station (directly on the way you, and tourists, walk into town!), it used to be by the canal on the other side of the city. Many, probably most of these folks are harmless enough, but you never know. I (m) would take another route to avoid them.
  4. 9€ Transit Ticket: where are you going?

    Enforcement? On some very full trains now the conductor does not even try to check tickets, understandable. But there are allegedly people who can not/will not spend 9€ on a ticket. The ticket inspections are patchy in normal times.   I went on a train this year before the 9€ epoch. The ticket machine on the platform only accepted coins, I did not have coins worth 20€+ so I got on the train and looked for the conductor. She was nowhere to be seen, I walked through all six carriages seeking her. Someone told me that she was in the cab chatting to the driver. I did not bother knocking on the door. Sat on the train for more than an hour, she did not appear.   I would have thought that the Bahn would have some sort of control/requirement that tickets are checked, and that conductors do NOT spend the whole journey chatting to the driver! 😕
  5. 9€ Transit Ticket: where are you going?

    Doch, indeed, you can use it for buses all over. I just bought my July ticket😃            
  6. 9€ Transit Ticket: where are you going?

    Rufbus where I live, you have to request it at least an hour before the start of the journey, NOT an hour before you want to get on! An early trip must be ordered the day before. I think there is a Comfortsurcharge of 1€. I have not used it.   Quite a lot of early and late buses on some routes are marked with the little 'r'.😕    
  7. 9€ Transit Ticket: where are you going?

    Tried to visit a village by bus today, checked the times before leaving. Bus did not turn up. Got the next bus back to the train station and comfortable train home. Trip only cost €1,29 (7th trip this month). And wasted time, say €20 an hour: €60.    The bus drivers commit many traffic offences too😕
  8. Cannabis legalisation in Germany 2022

    Smoking is declining, in a few decades there will be very few smokers, NZ has very restrictive laws, for example. No smoking on trains in Germany now either.   I smelt tobacco smoke somewhere recently, felt a bit nostalgisch, not even very unpleasant for a moment. What is very unpleasant in confined spaces (9€ train) is perfume. I seem to remember California wanting to legislate to restrict use of perfume in public, very good.
  9. Cannabis legalisation in Germany 2022

    One of the Flagship policies of the Ampelkoalition is legalising cannabis! Seems strange, tobacco smoking is declining, many countries have restrictive laws on that. Is cannabis not usually smoked with tobacco?   In some US States cannabis has been legalised. Typically (?) this seems to be seen as a bu$ine$$ opportunity, but what about possible effects on health?
  10. 9€ Transit Ticket: where are you going?

    Do you know why Deutschland is Exportweltmeister? Because people are smart enough to entziffer/decipher ticket prices in strange towns, thus they are smart enough to dream up clever machines.   But perhaps simpler travel releases brain power for other purposes.   Soon we can see how many tickets for June are sold, I shall certainly get one😃
  11. How are your cherries doing?

    You could buy a small pack of frozen cherries to see if the stones were removed.   Keeping them in the freezer for months must use quite a lot of energy.
  12. Moving boxes / shipping boxes exchange

    The food shop ldil uses disposable boxes, staff did not mind me taking one each time I shopped there, the ones used for melons are good: big, strong, stackable, suitable for books. And free.
  13. How are your cherries doing?

    A hundred jars? Have you eaten all the jam from last year?   Not sure if the cherry harvest is so good this year, but there is a tree by the bus stop full of yellow plums, not ripe yet😉 I only discovered it because I took a bus trip on my 9€ ticket.   I plan to spend some time in the fall gathering apples, should be possible to get enough to last through year end at least.
  14. 9€ Transit Ticket: where are you going?

    Had six trips so far in June for 9€, planning a couple more at least.   I think I can justify investing 9€ for a ticket for July, still plenty of places I want to visit. Still hoping to squeeze onto a train going towards the Baltic😉
  15. 9€ Transit Ticket: where are you going?

    Had an "interesting" bus trip today, a trainee driver was at the wheel, his mate sat behind him.   "Do I turn right here?" 'No, straight ahead, you @#€!'   Driver had to issue a tick€t, very rare that, took a few seconds, and the bus was 1-2 minutes late. "Schneller fahren!" (drive faster!) said his mate😣   On the way home I thought a connecting bus had gone, but it turned up fifteen minutes late. I bought the timetable book, that was a good idea. Some of the routes are only served a couple times a day, no buses Saturday or Sunday.   One strange observation: many telephone boxes are still in place, without telephones. They now serve as little free libraries😃