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  1. Bundestagswahl 26th of September 2021

    Looks like the Talks about Talks are complete, ready to start Talks.   Speculation is that the fdp has got the others to agree not to use tax to redistribute wealth: poor stay poor, rich stay rich  :-(
  2. How to repair a Rolladen

    Perhaps it could be converted to manual operation, if it is adjusted right you do not need to pull hard, and it would be less likely to go wrong again.
  3. Bundestagswahl 26th of September 2021

    Apparently they have agreed to pursue partial legalisation of cannabis, after Mr Lauterbach surprisingly changed his opinion. Looks like they wanted to announce something, finance and transport take a bit longer.   Lammert suggested that politicians like to give the impression they are negotiating hard, staying up late, making announcements at five in the morning, although often they agreed quite easily before tea-time. The same politicians who pass laws limiting working hours?
  4. Psychologisches Gutachten - phychological assessment

    Does she have friends living nearby who could support and advise her? How small is the town where she lives? (No need to name it).
  5. Cyclists are 3rd class in Germany

    Speed differences can be very problematic, closing speed of 25+25=50, people riding side by side chatting or telephoning on a curvy hilly narrow path. Certainly do not want more cycling here!
  6. Cyclists are 3rd class in Germany

    I did try an €bike, it tried to zoom off faster than I wanted to go. €bikes enable frail people to cycle faster, increasing danger for themselves, for real cyclists, walkers using the same route etc.   Even here where there are few hills there are many €bikes, people are proud of 'cycling' 60 km on them when they could just as well do 30 km on real cycles. Big and heavy? No problem, they can be transported in the van!   Really they are just another money-making scheme. They are very quiet too, it would be 'safer' if the motors were noisy.   Now there are even 'S-pedelecs' that can do 45 kmh+, lobby groups want them to be allowed to use cycle ways, crazy. 
  7. Cyclists are 3rd class in Germany

    Schadenfreude: a newspaper in south Germany reported how some novices hired €lectric cycles and whizzed up a steep hill, had lunch at the top. From up there, the hill looked too steep and scary to cycle down (do €bikes have €brakes?) so they walked back down. The mountain rescue people recovered the cycles at a charge of several hundred €uros. I understand they do not generally charge to save people, but to save expensive machines? 
  8. Cyclists are 3rd class in Germany

    €€€lectric "cycles" are becoming ubiquitous, even in the lowlands where I dwell. Even young fit people who really do not need them buy them and race about at 30kmh or more. I fear real cycling without a motor is on the way out.
  9. moving to Bochum

    Have a look at bogestra, Bochum-Gelsenkirchen Strassenbahn, get a day ticket and have a look round. Invest some time, read the newspapers, try talking to people who live there already (new colleagues?) Living in Gelsenkirchen may be particularly cheap, it is quite a poor town. Doubtless there are more expensive places to live too.
  10. With a German passport you can visit 191 countries without a visa, a UK passport is not quite as good. 
  11. Work is Trouble, anywhere.   Retirement is much better, anywhere.
  12. Filing a complaint to respective authorities

    Maybe Alex is his second name or Rufname, that is quite possible. You say that your German is not good. I really think you should get someone with C1+ German to check the docs for you. Complaining could get YOU into a lot of trouble.
  13. Who will run for US President in 2024

    Donald is not the only Trump %)   With several years to go there must be dozens of majors, state governors etc who might want to run (or stand?). Just got to beat ones allies from the same party before taking on the enemy.
  14. Filing a complaint to respective authorities

    "Stunde" in German means an hour/sixty minutes, it can also mean a period of instruction more or less than 60 minutes. I think a Stunde at school can be 40 minutes.   Quite possibly the docs are correct, make sure before officially complaining.
  15. All students are forced to buy a Semesterticket, even if they do not need one, so travel is not 'free'!   Spending three hours or more on the train, even just a couple times a week, should be discouraged.