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  1. I imagine the comments from more than a dozen years ago are no longer valid, Czechia has caught up, even overtaken some places in the BRD.   But what about Poland? I hope to do some day trips there soon.
  2. moving to NRW from BW

    Best to live near work, Moenchengladbach would be fine, they are used to foreigners, used to be a big uk military Base nearby. The town is big enough to have all one needs, and it is the only one in Germany to have two Hauptbahnhofs.   Commuting long distances daily by train or car in densely populated nrw is not to be recommended.
  3. Very entertaining. I wonder if the problem is that the law is unclear and open to interpretation? There are so many different constellations, perhaps hardly any two applications are comparable.   Dual citizenship was introduced by the Schröder regime, I shall be reading up about it.
  4. There are care homes in Poland specialising in German patients, that could be interesting for others in a like situation, say living in Berlin. Not sure how much cheaper they are.
  5. I have read of insurers, maybe in the UK, maybe over here, who are happy enough to take premiums, but when it comes to a claim, they check all sorts of things to try to avoid paying, and might claim that the whole thing is invalid. Not sure if this applies to people with limited visas who might not be eligible for insurance.
  6. Most/least friendly areas of Germany

    Which Frankfurt was that? .. I did many different jobs in different places. Met some very nice people but a lot of thoroughly nasty ones. That is probably the same anywhere else.   I experienced great friendliness in Colditz, I was invited to tea. Unlike the PoWs who were incarcerated there in ww2.
  7. Brexit: The fallout

    If b***t leads to much less trade, less transport, less use of energy and resources it may indeed be a good thing, nobody knows.   I do hope so, although I was a remoaner.
  8. Do not cats count as Kleintiere (single cats?). Depends if they are allowed out of the flat too maybe.   Not sure about keeping more than one Kleintier.
  9. Pros and Cons of moving back to New Zealand.

    I have read several stories of people moving from Europe to Australia or NZ, not liking it, moving back, not liking it, moving back down under....  ..
  10. Brexit: The fallout

    Laugh or cry.   Apparently there have been many retired British people living in Spain who did not try to learn the language, did not need to. A quite different situation from mine, and that of other UK, Polish (etc) people living and working in Germany.   In my retirement German language and history are among my main interests.
  11. Brexit: The fallout

    The couple of million British people in the EU could have tipped the result, I imagine we would have nearly all voted the same way.
  12. There are many shops: Russian, Turkish, African etc etc offering foreign food in Berlin, I should spend some time visiting them, reading the small print on dairy products, asking questions maybe, I imagine they offer all sorts of unfamiliar milk products.   Or perhaps familiar things with different names?   I enjoyed Schmand with home-made Rice And Things. 
  13. Brexit: The fallout

    I could not vote in the referendum because I have lived outside the UK for many years.   I read recently that bojo wanted to extend uk voting rights to uk citizens who have lived abroad more than 15 years. I wonder why, does he hope to gain votes?   Or perhaps the referendum could be repeated.
  14. Hairdressers in Zuffenhausen area

    Hairdressers in Germany often have punning English names, you could try ringing a few on the telephone. Not sure about specific hairdressing vocabulary, though 
  15. Police brutality in the USA

    It is a serious question, of course. I do not do trolling.   The media has lots of stories about gun violence in the US. There is a lot of it in Mexico and South America too, we are informed about that. And what about Nawalny? The media was full of stories about him a few weeks ago, not read anything for a while.