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  1. Not paying GEZ fees

    Deutschland funk produces some good programmes in theory, but nearly all of them are disfigured with muzak.
  2. Random pointless comments

    I live in the East now, I realised the difference between West and East Germany: in the west there are strawberry kiosks (they sell asparagus too) and in the east there are asparagus kiosks (they sell strawberries too). Guten Apettit!
  3. UK to Germany travel

    The Guardian reports serious problems for people travelling between the UK and the EU, people are sent back or detained in quarantine. I am very glad I do not need to travel this year.
  4. Deregistering when leaving Germany temporarily

    I got my haftpflichtversicherung/ liability insurance from a 'Makler', I think he seeks the best for me and gets commission, is that right?
  5. Schlaeger! Is there anything like that in the UK? Just been enjoying free music from the neighbours, something about flying to the sun and the moon
  6. Ninety-nine Redballons of course, Neunundneunzig Luftballons
  7. How to get a job in Germany with A1 German?

    Try contacting Bulgarian people in Germany, there may be a forum like this one, there may be concentrations of Bulgarians not in Berlin. Some towns near the border cooperate, Zittau cooperates with Poland AND Czechia, 'Dreilaendereck', that might be a good place. Really you do need German language I think.
  8. €216 a year, I do not want to calculate how many thousands over the rest of my life
  9. Not paying GEZ fees

    Three things are certain: death, taxes and Staatsfunkgebuehren, sadly. But it is the only tax I pay unwillingly, the German tax regime is not so bad.   The charge has not gone up for some years, but the take has gone up, hundreds of thousands of new 'customers' have been unearthed.   I would not mind paying it if there were a couple of decent radio stations, like radio 4 + 3 uk used to be.
  10. Voting in UK general elections

    So if one is a UK person who has lived in Germany for more than 15 years and has dual citizenship, one shall be able to vote for parliaments in Berlin and London, both? .. I noticed that ms baerbock has the initials ACAB, could that stand for something? %)
  11. Coronavirus

    Risk compensation, it is called. Drivers take more risks when they feel safer, wearing seatbelts, driving big Chelsea tractors with airbags etc, they go just a bit faster, follow closer, brake later,create more danger for others. Durbin + Harvey, professors of statistics, calculated that 14% more walkers and 40% were killed in 'road accidents' after the seatbelt law was introduced   Source: DTp report October 1985 
  12. Good news

    Sun shone yesterday, heard noisy kiddies screaming while playing in the fountains %)
  13. After seat-belt laws were introduced, driving speeds increased. More innocent cyclists and walkers were killed.
  14. I was unemployed in Germany for several periods, did not cause any problems. Just waiting and waiting now thanks to cv to get my citizenship certificate.
  15. Unacceptable noise from construction work

    Thanks very much, I plan to stick around %) Trouble is, some people do not understand such humour   Best to try to de-escalate