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  1. Thank you, everyone. Thanks, @Krieg this was super helpful.
  2. Hi,   I have a few questions regarding the primary school admission process, which I don't seem to find answers to anywhere. Mine is a typical 'want bilingual school, can't afford private school' situation. What I have figured out so far: 1. A default school will be assigned to me by the officials. 2. I go to this school and fill in the school-change form since I want admission to the bi-lingual school. 3. I fill in my 3 school choices, in that order. Go to the first choice school and submit the form there. 4. This school will conduct the language 'test' for the child and decide if the kid qualifies for admission. 5. If the kid qualifies but there are more kids than the total seats (which would be the case), there will be a lottery.   Now my questions are: 1. How do I know which default school is allocated to my kid? It's just 14 days remaining and so far I have not received any letter. I have checked the official website but was expecting a more formal letter which I can take to the school authorities. 2. What if I do not get admission to the first-choice school? When and how do I approach the second choice school? 3. Similarly, while I am waiting for the language test result of the first choice school, do I need to go to the second and third choice schools and appear for their tests? How is this managed and synchronized? 4. What if the kid fails the test in all three school choices? What happens then? Do I get allocated the default school? 5. In my case, the default school that will be assigned by the officials is a German-Spanish school (at least this is what the Berlin official website says). My kid is already dealing with 3 languages and it will be brutal if I introduce a fourth language (Spanish). If the kid is not able to get admission to the three choices, what other choice do I have?   Thank you for your time. Hoping to get some insights.