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  1. Hi all! I've realized I like British culture but not Brit weather nor now needing a visa to even visit the UK. I appreciate the 4 seasons Bavaria seems to have and I'm especially into the areas close to Austria or the Czech Republic. What better way to enjoy British culture than live in a place where there are many expats? Aside from the obvious Munich, I'd like to please know where do British expats congregate? I was recently in Lagos Portugal and it was not only very beautiful but filled with British tourists and expats (I spoke with some, they were spending their gap year there). It's not as Anglicized as the Costa Del Sol in Spain, but it is beautiful and it felt fun getting to enjoy not only the local culture but also having so many British bars. Apparently there are even some British businesses there. So I wonder where in Bavaria one can be within many British expats aside from Munich itself? Thanks in advance!
  2. I just discovered this town of 33k people in Thuringia. It has a thousand year history and it survived the wars unscattered.  It looks really amazing architecture-wise:   I wonder if one can live there and commute to the other, larger cities nearby for work? Altenburg is located 40 kilometres (25 miles) south of Leipzig, 90 kilometres (56 miles) west of Dresden and 100 kilometres (62 miles) east of Erfurt. It has a cute old town:
  3. What's your favorite country in Europe?

    ^It's much better than Greece and most of Italy in that respect though. Quakes and summer heat are my main concerns of moving to Athens.   I totally forgot Slovakia - some very nice old towns there. Bratislava seems to be developing fast. It is becoming a skyscraper type of city. After living in both Prague and Bratislava and visiting Vienna a lot I think I'd chose Bratislava for living although it's less exciting for visiting. It's a city with a small town feel, very walkable and yet an IT/services hub with so many flats and offices of 15-20-25 floors. Most of the places I like in Germany seem to be smaller size like Cham in the Oberpfalz, Regensburg, or Altenburg in Thuringia as I am not fan of any city that saw lots of destruction in the wars or post-war drabness. I'd also like to plug Graz and the Styria in Austria, Bari/Lecce/Brindisi, well whole of Puglia/Apulia in Italy, Visby/Gotland island in Sweden, Ljublana, Celje and Maribor in Slovenia - all underrated.