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  1. Hello, I am a lecturer and freelance filmmaker based in Britain, and I have been invited to do a guest lectureship at a German university. They are offering me a freelance contract (which states: "Herr XXXX hat eigenverantwortlich den Verpflichtungen nachzukommen, die ihm nach deutschem Steuer- und Sozialversicherungsrecht obliegen."). My British accountant has told me that I will have to tax the payment in the UK (as a freelancer), but others have said I will be taxed in Germany. I am aware of the Germany-UK double taxation convention, but having read that, things are not clearer. Has anybody been in a similar situation? Where would I be taxed? By the way, I will hardly spend any time in Germany, as the work will be remotely, so I won't have any residency there or need social insurance. Many thanks. Riddlercat