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  1. Dear all,   I moved to Munich from Turkey in February under Blue Card visa and recently got my residence permit. I applied for Kindergeld and I received below requirement from the Familenkasse.   noch folgendes von Ihnen zu erledigen ist:   bitte teilen sie mit, aus welchem land sie eingereist sind und wer bisher das Kindergeld bzw dem Kindergeld vergleichbare Familienleistungen im Ausland für das Kind Derya bezogen hat und von welcher Stelle (genauer Anschrift, Aktenzeichen) die Zahlung erfolgte. Bitte legen Sie auch einen Nachweis über das Ende der auslandischen Familienleistungen vor.   You still have to do the following:   Please indicate the country from which you entered and who has received child benefit or family benefits abroad for the child Derya abroad and from which point (exact address, file number) the payment was made. Please also provide proof of the end of the foreign family benefits.   We don't have an ongoing child benefit payment scheme in Turkey. Any ideas what can I provide to them? Should I just write no benefit was received?   Thank you.   Regards, wastengan 
  2. Blaue Karte - 6 Months Visa

    That might be true but I need to do summer plans abroad and can't decide without getting a visa.
  3. Blaue Karte - 6 Months Visa

    Hi everyone,   I came to Germany, Münich in Feb via Blaue Karte visa and my visa is about to expire in the beginning of Aug. I applied in March online from KVR and filled the form named "Antrag auf Erteilung oder Verlängerung eines Aufenthaltstitels" to extend my initial 6 months visa. It has been 8 weeks already since I applied and haven't heard anything from the authorities. Does anyone received similar visa lately? Is that normal?   Thank you.