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  1. English speaking families

    Hi. We live in Schilksee. I gave three boys are 6, 3 and 1. We'd love to connect. 
  2. Mexican grocery store / Masa Harina (near Kiel)

    Success! At the Asia laden on fleethörn. Thanks for you tips everyone. I called the Mexican place in town and they sent me there. Tacos tonight!!  @engelchen
  3. Mexican grocery store / Masa Harina (near Kiel)

    @engelchen thanks! I'll look them up!
  4. Mexican grocery store / Masa Harina (near Kiel)

    @easytodraw thanks for the tip! I didn't even think about that. There's a mexican chain here. We're a family of vegans so I'm so glad germany is finally coming around! 10 years ago it was a way different scene. We couldn't even get tofu at rewe. 
  5. Good morning,   Anyone put there know where you can get masa harina for corn tortillas other than online? We're in kiel but k would be willing to drive as far as Hamburg. Is there an international grocery store or shop here? Thanks in advance! 
  6. Playgroup for Children

    Morning. Old post but I'm hoping there are still some people looking... We have three boys ages 6, 3, and 1. Looking for fellow english speakers to hang out with in and around Kiel. 
  7. English speaking Playgroup in Kiel *NEW*

    I see this post is old but is it still taking place? We moved to Kiel last year and would love an english meet up. We have three boys ages 6, 3 and 1.