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  1.   Well said. Really! Decisions, Decisions. That's life. You never know where it will get you to. But it's true about regretting things you decided not to do. It happens. well...
  2.   wow, great answer. I had similar situations in my life too where I lived and worked in cities of other European countries, which were rather on the quiet side. I hated it. I managed to break away two times rather quickly without having a backup plan and this damaged my CV irreparably. I have been characterized as indecisive and undependable. Berlin, as great as it may seem, offers good job opportunities but to too manly people. Finding a good opportunity in Stuttgart to reignite my skills and my "career" seems the most ideal thing right now. At the same time, I have to confront the same situation. Going to a, for me, "dead-boring town". A situation that resembles two attempts I've done in the past, in which I acted the same way. In a way, I didn't come here to ask why it's boring there, that's a fact. Some, but not all, of my friends found out what I am up to and warned me not to go there. I came here to reassure myself that it's indeed a bad move. But it's so contradictory because at the same time it saves my career and as a result my financial situation as well. I wouldn't totally rely on answers given on a forum but your experiences here help me a bit towards decision-making.    
  3.   All that, that you wrote, sums it up pretty well. Are you a psychologist?
  4.   This is how I drive to work and I love the experience every morning. I almost decided to reject the job offer in Stuttgart.
  5.   But her accent was perfect. I mean, so clear and business. Nothing regional, nothing weird, nothing slang. Proper, Perfect, Crystal clear, Business German. It was like reading from a book. The same kind of expressions. Regional accents and expressions you won't even find inside a dictionary kill a language. I admit that.
  6.   I like Berlin for having the big city vibes. I have so many friends here, good friendships too, all foreigners of course but that doesn't disqualify them for being great people. Germans, even in Berlin, are not easy to approach, maybe for a small talk at the most.  The same problems get discussed by others too. But that's not the point now, is it?   Berlin is great, there are so many things you can do. In a 24/7 city, you feel the movement, the energy, the soul. Every corner has life, people, trillions of Cafeterias and bars. Thousands of interesting points within walking distance. Paradice for driving with the bicycle, the streets are always flat. If I feel hungry at night, I get out, and within walking a few steps from my doorway. I have 24/7 grill houses, Spättis, so many beautiful parks, music on the street. A feeling that it won't remind me of " I am Legend" with Will Smith when I go out.  
  7.   Thanks for the tip. I speak German and it took me a while to learn the language. In Berlin, I still have a problem with their accent. I expect Hochdeutsch or nothing. Any weird accent or dialect and it sounds Chinese in my ears. Like my teacher said, when you sit a language exam and use regional accents/expressions, you will fail because it's not considered to be German. I asked why and she said that it's just some language versions from uneducated monkeys back then who thought it's right to bend the language to its death.
  8.   It's true about turning back time lol. I was in Stuttgart but for one night only. It was 2016. I visited a friend and I can recall how dead the city was. I didn't tell him that because he chose to live there. He did it because jobs were 100000% easier to find and better paid than in Berlin. But he had to choose. The day after and during the daylight, it was... still dead. I said to myself I am so glad I don't live in Stuttgart. It feels like any other village in the world out there. But who am I to judge by visiting for just one day and one night.   In many posts, people kept saying one common thing " By driving a bit further away you'll find..." NO, I don't want to drive 2 hours away, I don't want to visit France or Switzerland every time I want to go out walking down the street. I don't want to see what's NOT in Stuttgart. I said I was planning to live there, why do they keep sugarcoating it by mentioning things OUTSIDE of where I said? That's a clue, after all. It must be boring in Stuttgart. I expect people who are born there to defend their place like no tomorrow. That's typical in any place on planet earth.    
  9.   You said it. After 9 years in Berlin, I can't seem to like it anywhere else. I might even go against my own good, in this situation declining a good job in Stuttgart, to keep living a more satisfying life in Berlin, even though the job and the salary are mehhhhh.
  10. That's how I thought of it. Job experience is important nowadays because competition is high and nowadays, more or less, everyone has a University degree and speaks 4 languages. All this knowledge without experience and you can kiss the career goodbye while washing dishes and sweeping floors as an academic individual for a living. Today it got even more difficult. They call it "Vernetzung" in Germany but in my country, they call it corruption because not the best takes the job. But Germans are first-class citizens so they would lose the "character" if they said that they found a job through corruption. So they found this schöneres Wort, Vernetzung. It sounds so elite like Germans are. Anyway...   This is how I found this position, through Vernetzung, and it's a good one. But can I waste three years of my life at the so-called cemetery like Stuttgart?
  11.   Even some friends from Düsseldorf told me like, "noooooooooooooo, not in Stutgart, boriiiiiing", and I have been in Düsseldorf and I found it "Dorf" but I haven't told them that of course. The way they all describe it, Stuttgart seems like it is for people who are about to die and want a quiet place before their soul separates the body or for people who were born there so they are biased to tell you that it's nice. I feel sad because it's a great job that I got but I don't want to fall into depression from the stillness of the society there.
  12. Hello guys, I live in Berlin for the past 9 years. Recently I got offered a good Office Job in Stuttgart. I keep wondering if I'm going to like it in a place like Stuttgart.   Many people told me that depression awaits, it's very boring, repetitive, and nothing in comparison to Berlin.   They keep warning me trying not to take the wrongest decision, that the "city" has no fire, no soul, no energy, no buzz, no vibe, no 24/7 mentality in comparison to Berlin and it's a huge mistake and that, money and a good job should not be the deciding factors here.   It's true that in Berlin there are people walking on the streets even at 3 or 4 o clock in the morning or even eat and order food at that time. No matter where you walk it's full of people. In Stuttgart after four o'clock in the evening, you won't even see a bird landing on the street, so they say my friends who were born there, raised there, learned there, lived there, visited there. (Even pre-pandemic) And they all wait for this long-awaited weekend to... go hiking? ewwwwwwwwwww (rentner style) I await your responses.