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  1. Hi all,   I was looking through my German tax documentation from my broker and noticed that there was a Bezugsrecht (Pre-emption right?) on one of my share holdings. The way I understand it, I could have purchased new shares at a discount. However, as I chose not to action, this right was sold automatically. The form I received from my German broker, looks just like a selling of shares document. Where the price of shares is 2€ and the gain before taxes, is shares * 2€.    Has anyone dealt with something like this in the past, specifically in terms of IRS reporting? - Do I report this gain on my 8949?  - Would my date of acquisition be the day I originally purchased shares or the date of this Bezugsrecht expiry? i.e. short vs long term transaction - Is my cost basis 0, as I would assume my proceeds would be the shares * 2€ (as stated on my tax documentation), ultimately making my gain: shares * 2€?   Thanks a lot!