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  1. Permission to create a new window in a block?

    OK and thanks for the recent replies, which confirm more or less what we had supposed. We suspect the guy is trying to pull the wool over our eyes with his statement that he has already received approval. It seems more likely that they said something like, "It may well be OK." We are the owners of our flat; and the neighbour owns his flat, too. Thank you, Karin, for the link. We will be in touch with the managing agents in the morning. AH
  2. Long stay tourist visa?

    Thanks for your comment. All noted. AH
  3. Our next-door neighbour has just been in touch from Germany to say that he wants to knock through the outer wall of the building and have an extra window installed in his flat.  He maintains that he has received the verbal OK from the managing agent and has even approached a builder to do the work. The building is a large 1960s, 4-floor block of some 30+ flats; our flat is on the 3rd floor.   I am not familiar with planning matters in Germany but it seems to me that such drastic action would, at the very least, require the approval of the other owners in the block. Might there also be town planning considerations?   Is it normally the case that a managing agent may simply nod through such a proposal as easily as this? I do not believe any owners have been consulted.   The window in question would be within a few feet of the concrete flower bed that is situated in front of our flat and at the side of our terrace.   Because of the current Covid situation, we are not able to go to Germany at present.   With many thanks in advance for comments.   AH
  4. Long stay tourist visa?

    Further to my question: I see that there exists a so-called 'Type D Schengen Visa' and this would appear to be like the French TLS-TS visa. Does anyone know whether this type of visa is available for visits to the BRD? Thanks in advance. AH
  5. Long stay tourist visa?

    OK, Red Midge, and thank you.   However, I am not seeking residency but merely a longer (visitor) stay than the standard 90-day Schengen option. So instead of coming for two 3-month periods, I would come for one 6-month period.   Is there anything similar in the BRD to the 6-month TLS-TS visa that is offered by France to non EU people (Americans, British etc). This is going to be a popular option for retired Brits who want to avoid the 90-day rule.   The official description of the above is:   A long-stay visa equivalent to a residence permit (visa de long séjour valant titre de séjour – VLS-TS) allows the holder not only to enter France but also to live in the country for between 3 and 12 months without applying for a separate residence permit.   Of course, such a visa involves paperwork, a fee and there are conditions attached such as proof of the ability to support oneself and getting health cover.   Does something like this exist in Germany?   Thanks - AH
  6. Long stay tourist visa?

    Well, if not defined as a tourist, then as a visitor on a long stay. AH
  7. Long stay tourist visa?

    Long Stay Tourist Visa for Germany (?)    My wife is a German passport holder / citizen. Can I (as a British passport holder / citizen) get a long-stay visa – I think it’s called a Daueraufenthaltsgnehmigung which will allow me to stay in the Germany as a tourist for a period of up to 179 days in a year? I am retired and would have enough funds to support myself and a place to stay.   AH