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  1. Schools: Phorms, Accadis, and Others

    Adding on to this topic:  Has anyone enrolled their child in Gymnasium Elisabethanschule in Frankfurt?  It is said to perhaps have a good DaZ (German as Foreign Language) program?  I'd love to hear from people who have tried this.  Thanks!
  2. Schools: Phorms, Accadis, and Others

    Hi all - I need your advice.  We are moving to Frankfurt and are looking for a bilingual school for our children. One child will be in 8th grade and the other will be in 5th grade. I know that this forum has discussed Phorms and Accadis before, but those posts are many years old.  Could we revive the subject based on recent experiences with these schools?  Does anyone know anything about these schools?  Could you please share your experiences?   Thank you!