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  1. E-Scooter Prices

    I do care because I use them from time to time in a responsible way. I guess I'm not the only one here, I'm just sharing some information not making advertisement, there's no need to be so rude. The logic of banning something for misuse is ridiculous. We should then ban cars, knives,cell phones., etc They all somehow lead to accidents. If you don't like e-scooters, don't use them. If you think they are not properly supervised then complain with the respective authorities.  
  2. E-Scooter Prices

    Hey everyone! I made this little research about E-Scooter prices in Germany and thought that could be useful to someone else. VOI.  - 0.49 EUR to unlock - 0.19 EUR x Minute - 24 hours pass: 6.99 EUR - Monthly pass: 39.00 EUR - Year pass: 360 EUR Lime - 1 EUR to unlock (FREE if you use PayPal) - 0.26 EUR x Minute - 1 hour pass: 5.99 EUR - 24 hours pass: 9.99 EUR - 3 days pass: 24.99 EUR TIER -1 EUR to unlock - 0.19 EUR x Minute -Day pass > Unlimited rides for 24 hours (45 minutes each): 9.99 EUR - Monthly unlocks (Unlimited unlocks)  4.99 EUR x Month - Rider Plus: Unlimited Unlocks + 300 Minutes: 29.99 EUR x Month I'll update this info from time to time and maybe add some other companies that are also in Berlin. If you have more info or found any mistakes please let me know! Cheers!  
  3. Empanadas in Berlin 2021

    Hi! I think it depends a lot in the kind of empanadas you like depending on the country. Chile, Perú, Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia, Spain,.  For Chilean Empanadas I recommend La Picá de Deli Mel in Lichtenberg. They have several options (Veggie & Vegan included), the classical Pino (meat) and my personal favorite Mechada Queso ( Cheese and Pulled beef). Best in Berlin! Also the ones form La Doña in North-Neukölln are really good! When it comes to other countries I don't feel with the authority to be that absolute with my opinion but I've tried Como en Casa (Perú) in Friedenau. They were ok. A little bit dry and lacking that absolute burst of flavor that you expect when it comes to peruvian food, but not bad. La Criolla for Argentinian Empanadas. Delicious, crispy outside, soft inside, juicy. Everything you need in an empanada. I'm pretty sure there's another one close to S Hermannstr. but I cannot remember the name. If it comes back I'll let you know! I've been looking for a place that makes Empanadas Mallorquinas here in Berlin but I guess it's not a thing. If you ever have the chance to put your hands in one of those let me know! Guten Appetit!   
  4. Hey everyone! I'm interested into popular Comic Books, Manga or Graphic Novels in Germany. I know that Donald Duck is certainly an icon here. Also Asterix and Obelix. Although they're pretty old stories they definitely are still on several of my friend's bookshelves. Is there maybe something more "recent"? Let's say at least after the 2000s. I know that the Batman Zero Point (Comic) was very popular in the last months but mainly because of the Fortnite crossover and the code for the in-game item. It doesn't seem that people is actually interested in Batman or the Comic Book itself. The other day I saw a girl reading Boku no Hero Akademia (Manga) in the Ubahn. Is that popular as well? Thanks  
  5. Hi everyone! For a personal photographic collection I'm looking for abandoned houses or houses that are still standing between taller buildings. Do you know any in or around Berlin that can join my collection?  Thanks everyone!