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  1. Hi everyone! For a personal photographic collection I'm looking for abandoned houses or houses that are still standing between taller buildings. Do you know any in or around Berlin that can join my collection?  Thanks everyone!  
  2. Hi everyone! Any recommendation of bike routes in Berlin/Brandenburg with nice green areas and friendly terrain (No need for a mountain bike)? Cheers!
  3. "Really good" Indian restaurants in Berlin

    Yak & Yeti in Friedenau. I must say though that I'm pretty sure they have 2 chefs because sometimes it's good and sometimes it's amazing lol Anyway, they have incredible food and incredible service also. The prices are also pretty "friendly", 10-15 eur and the portions are generous.
  4. THIS. As immigrants we have a big disadvantage when it comes to the law of the host country. Our residency permits are on the line. Get a lawyer. Good luck!    
  5. Changing locks

    The best thing you can do is inform your Hausverwaltung. You can get in pretty nasty trouble if the key ends in the wrong hands.