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  1. Hi Straightpoop!   I was going to open a Consorsbank brokerage account for my wife and start buying shares of ten different companies following the Dividend Aristocracy approach. As she doesn’t own heaps of money I was going to start a saving planning for each of the ten stocks. You wrote:    „And a word to the wise:  unless you want to spend a major part of what is left of your life filling out dozens of Form 8621 (one for each separately acquired block of shares in each fund) DO NOT enroll in a German bank's monthly share purchase plan.“    what you’re saying is that reporting ETFs is a nightmare because you have to fill in a form 8621 for each stock held by the ETF.   But this doesn’t apply to individual stocks, does it? How does reporting them work? Or do you even have to report them?   Thanks in advance,   a confused German😂