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  1. Hi Everyone,   I am a yoga and Pilates instructor and am new to the area. When COVID/weather conditions allow, I would like to offer group classes in a park but I haven't succeeded in finding any information about how to do so legally. I'm not looking for tax or insurance guidance, I'm wondering what permissions are needed to hold classes in a public space and through which agency/department of government.    I assume a license of some kind would be required, but I can't pinpoint the vocabulary to search for in German. I am also open to any information or leads anyone might have about garden or studio spaces in Darmstadt. I can create a small studio in my guest room but I hope I can teach larger classes somewhere...   I have residency through my husband, and I am currently in intensive German courses but nowhere near good enough to teach in German yet, so instruction will be in English for the time being. We don't really know anyone here yet, we moved here for his job and he's barely met his colleagues, so I don't know any native German speakers who can advise me. I appreciate any advice. Thanks!    
  2. Thank you, I'll give it a try. I did see a Zumba class by the river in Frankfurt, on a Saturday morning, which had quite a lot of participants...there were two instructors with a boom box. Lead me to believe this was something people do...