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  1. Yesterday while I was helping a friend of mine to move out with a rented van, I accidentally scratched a parked car while leaving. Tbh I heard a light sound but I thought it was just a piece of snow under the wheels, so I just moved on without stopping. Later on we came back to collect some more stuff and I noticed that I actually bumped this bmw. So I decided to wait for the owner of the car to show up (since we were still collecting some other furnitures inside the van) so we could  solve the issue together.    In the mean time a grumpy old German guy comes out and says that he saw everything and denounced the case to the police as a hit and run case. We had some sort of verbal fight, mostly originating from language barriers, and he asked me  to leave my data on the scratched car (which I would have done anyway in case the car owner wouldnt have shown up before we left) and to him (this sounded weird to me but I gave my contacts also to grumpy old man since I was confused by the whole situation and I didn't want to aggravate my position).    Eventually, I decided to call the police just to be sure that everything was 100% regular. They came (around 1 hour after the accident) , asked for documents, evaluated the very small damage (which was only received by the parked car) and left, telling me that I would have received a letter in few weeks. They were pretty nice and friendly the whole time, but didn't give me any specific guidance or anything. Just told me to wait for this letter.    Now, what should I expect? What will I receive from the police in few weeks? Do I have to be prepared to receive a charge of hit and run even though I called the cops (but after I left the scene and then returned back)? Should I start to look for a lawyer??    Thank you in advance for your answers.