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  1.    Hi Leon,   Thank you for taking the time to wade through this, there's quite a lot to unpack. Thanks also to @murphaph.   So, after having read what you said, is the 221€ just for the water bill, or is that the total for the house utilities also? I just want to figure out a final sum and I can approach her with it but the numbers right now have me with my head in my hands. They just don't add up and I'm now of the opinion she's noticed her mistake is is unfairly trying to lump it on me. I don't believe anyone else is there right now, and I Paid up until the 31st October 2020. 
  2.    Hi Bennet,   I can't make sense of them either; the figures seem massively inflated and I can't understand how I'm liable for a mistake she admitted to, two years ago now. 
  3.   Hi Jeba,   So are you saying the mistake is hers and that I can't be held liable for that given I paid the amount she asked for in 2020? The problem is that these dates are giving me a headache, it would appear she has tried to simply "tack on" the 2020 outstanding amount to my 2021 bill, can she do that?   Cheers
  4.   Hi again Murph,   I believe I paid around 140 euros for the year, I shower daily and that's about it. Never been one to waste water. (It's not exact, I'm not home to find the first invoice) Hence the 600 near knocked me clean out :') 
  5.   Guten Arbend Karin,   Thank you for your response. The link you sent, were you referring to the portion, "Abrechnung über Betriebskosten – welche Fristen gelten?Der Vermieter muss spätestens 12 Monate nach Ablauf der Abrechnungsperiode über die Betriebskosten abrechnen und dem Mieter eine vollumfängliche Abrechnung vorlegen. Die Betriebskostenabrechnung muss dabei gesetzliche Wirksamkeitsvoraussetzungen erfüllen. So muss eine rechtswirksame Betriebskostenabrechnung beispielsweise das genaue Wohnobjekt, den Abrechnungszeitraum, den Abrechnungsmaßstab und die auf die konkrete Wohnung entfallenden anteiligen Kosten enthalten. Verschickt ein Vermieter die Betriebskostenabrechnung nicht innerhalb von 12 Monaten nach Ende des Abrechnungszeitraums, kann der Vermieter grundsätzlich keine Nachzahlung von Betriebskosten mehr verlangen."   If so, that would suggest I would only be liable to pay for the 2020-2021 but she has added it on as simply a total sum... I am in agreement a months worth doubling a year is false, there's simply no way I used that much water at all.    As of yet I have not arranged any payment.
  6. Hi all,    I have received this document from the landlord from the water company. Maybe this can make more sense of it all? @sluzup, I agree I'm not trying to dodge paying here but the figures just don't seem to add up and whilst my landlord was good to me for the most part, I don't want to be taken advantage of.   @pmd she's always done this, simply an invoice and an amount to pay. She's older and retired, so I don't believe it's out of malice.
  7.   Hi Murph,   No, admittedly I didn't think to check. It was my first flat in Germany so I was very much on the side of "I hope I'm doing this right" etc. So, the step is to ask for the bill from the water company directly?  
  8.   Hi Brockman,   Yes we had a formal signing off and keys were handed over, my deposit was returned and the house was spotless. There was no mention of outstanding fees during our goodbyes and I had believed this matter was all settled until today.
  9. I have attached the document I received and redacted the personal info. Hopefully this will help?
  10. Hi all,   I moved out of my old address 4 months ago and was contacted by my former landlord today asking to pay the utility bills for 2020. I have reviewed the sum and it is VASTLY higher than the first year I stayed there, somewhere in the region of 600 euros.   I asked her to clarify why the cost was so high and she explained she had made a mistake regarding the water bill and the company is now seeking to claim back for 2019 also, though I have no proof of this via documents, merely her word. Apparantly she had carried a decimal point in error as the bill was for "36,6 m3 nur 36m3".   Am I obligated to pay this? Or as it was her mistake is she liable? We ended on amicable terms but I don't know enough about the laws on this to respond to her yet.   Many thanks for your time.