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  1. 39 minutes ago, aneurysm said:

    we'll contact you, don't pester us


    This is the tricky part. If you are missing something and don't follow up, you will be stuck in limbo forever. But if you do follow up, they take it as a bother.


    I guess just best to have everything in order the first time around. ;)


  2. 30 minutes ago, aneurysm said:

    @MadManEarle congrats on getting your NE! And nice idea, I'm also going to share my experience here - and a link I found that could be helpful.

    Thanks! I hope that my experience can help people know what to expect.



    As my application is pretty watertight I'm hoping it'll be quick and painless, but let's see...

    HR at my company helped me get all the paperwork in order, and told me that I didn't need some of the documents that I collected. I thought that they knew better than I did, so I left them out. Turns out that everything I has was actually needed, so that delayed their response to my application by a few weeks.


    The lesson is: always submit more than you think is required. They won't necessarily tell you what you are missing until you follow up a few times.


  3. The price has always been the least important part of Bitcoin.

    The fact that the EU is trying to punish bitcoin exchanges ( at the same time as Mastercard is opening up the floodgates of new users ( should be a tell that BTC is becoming a driving force in world economics.


    The next 5 years will be very exciting for BTC, regardless of the day-to-day price fluctuations.


  4. My favorite conspiracy theory at the moment is that the earth is hollow, and there are lizard people living underground who secretly control all of the governments on the surface. Entrances are of course at the north and south poles, and global warming would have melted the ice that keeps them locked away, which is why global leaders are so concerned with it.


  5. 7 minutes ago, slammer said:

    Yes I do. Dinosaur fantastic, it´s available on Amazon



    Wonderful, thank you. I will give it a shot. :)


  6. 15 hours ago, slammer said:

    Dinotopia, yes that was a good story. There was another short story where timetravellers introduce dinosaurs to ancient Rome just to see what will happen. The gladiator fights got really interesting for instance.


    That sounds fascinating - do you remember the name of it?


  7. I read as a child a book called "Dinotopia" that explored a mixed human/dinosaur civilization. Very short, but it always got my imagination running.


  8. 5 minutes ago, Goodbye_BlueSky said:

    I hear a little of "Rothschild" or "The Jews Control The World" conspiracy here. I know theoretically Central Banks are Independent.
    But to say that USD, Fed, US Govt/People and USA aren't tied closely is "a very very wild stretch of reasoning". 


    You hear what you want to hear, then. Nothing I can do about that. C'est la vie.


    The Federal Reserve has zero transparency, and is uncontrolled by the US government. The US is dependent on the Federal Reserve, but leaping from that dependence to saying that the states themselves are illegitimate is quite the ride.


  9. 4 minutes ago, Goodbye_BlueSky said:

    Anyone who says USD/EUR/Pound are ponzi would argue that these states aren't legitim and their ability to give currency and to tax aren't legitim.


    This is a wild stretch of reasoning. The central banks are not owned or controlled by the governments, so these two things have nothing to do with each other.


  10. All cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin have varying degrees of centralization that prevent them from being legitimate.

    Stablecoins are the ultimate example of centralization, which is why the digital Euro/Pound/Dollar fall into the same bucket of being scams.


  11. On 6/1/2021, 1:46:40, MadManEarle said:


    I have finally heard back from the Ausländeramt, with a 6-month extension of my current Blue Card and news that the rest of my application will be processed as soon as the security check is complete. No dates were given, but this has been 15 weeks since the application. I can only assume that everything will be complete before the extended visa expires.


    I have an appointment to pick up the NE on 1st July, a total of 4 months after the original application, and 1 month after the extension and follow-up. Slowly, then suddenly.


  12. 11 minutes ago, catjones said:

    the analogy doesn't fit.  Games of chance are either win/lose.  With bitcoin, you own the coin and it's value fluctuates.


    It is also wildly inaccurate in "losing money steadily". But some people are not too concerned with reality, if it goes against their beliefs.


  13. It seems that China has forbidden any banks to allow accounts to interact with cryptocurrencies, and so a significant amount of Chinese mining operations have shut down.


    This looks like a great opportunity for more decentralized mining locations, pushing the possibility of a 51% attack from China even farther away from reality.


  14. 17 hours ago, arsenal21 said:


    This is why I personally don't like crypto. If I lose my bank card, forget my pin and online password and bank account number, then I can go into the bank and show them my passport and utility bill or whatever and they can issue me a new card or pin or whatever else I forgot or lost.


    Whereas with crypto if you lose or forget the key or password, it's gone for good.


    So I trust a regulated bank as a central authority more than I trust a crypto or exchange or even my own memory.


    This attitude baffles me completely. You are saying that you trust a stranger more than you trust yourself, to do what is best for you.


    I will never understand this kind of rejection of personal responsibility for such important things.


  15. 23 minutes ago, MadAxeMurderer said:

    Maybe a feature, but it's a feature that lost me 10 bitcoin when mtgox collapsed.


    Not your keys, not your coins.


    You trusted a central authority with your money, and they took it from you. Why would you want to trust a different central authority instead?


  16. 9 minutes ago, yesterday said:

    The bank of England is considering introducing its own digital currency based on the pound, so it will be backed by the uk GDP



    Several other governments are doing the same. 


    It will take several years, but at least it's in planning now


    Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) are a last gasp of authoritarians to try to maintain financial control over everyone else. They cannot possibly be beneficial to normal people, since they allow governments to eliminate your ability to buy groceries if they don't like you for any reason at all. China's social credit system is a version of this control scheme.


  17. 3 hours ago, Dembo said:

    I think the scam-y part is calling it a currency. A currency is something that's meant to be stable, backed by a government, so that people have confidence that they'll be able to buy the things they need to survice. I know that a small number of things are paid for by Bitcoin, but it's pretty negligible. 99% of the interest in Bitcoin and the like is speculation; i.e. people believing in a get quick rich scheme and so all the hype about keeping transactions out of the clutches of governments and banks is cobblers.


    It is an investment: it's a thing that has worth as long as people say it has worth, but that's true of other sorts of investements too. Magic beans would work just as well as magic computer codes: as long as somebody is prepared to buy them from you they have worth.


    The technology is interesting. It's not really anything new, but I see it like the web: someone put together existing technologies in an innovative way. But it could be a classic solution looking for a problem. Everyone saying "What is Bitcoin for?" has a point. 




    Not being backed by a government is a feature of Bitcoin, not a bug.


    That is exactly what it is for. Individual sovereignty, independent of draconian rulers.


  18. 13 hours ago, gdc said:


    Sure, you can hide your hard wallet under your mattress or bury it in the Zugspitze, those options have always been feasible throughout history...


    There has never been anything like Bitcoin before. Once you understand that, the rest follows naturally.


  19. 8 minutes ago, gdc said:


    P2P or whatever other exchange you can think about is irrelevant to the point: Everyone can play around the rules, either because you're too small and insignificant to the State or you're too big and can fight back through legal loopholes, until the State decides you're not anymore so insignificant nor big and wants a bigger share of your assets.


    Except that with Bitcoin, it is impossible for any government to seize it, regardless of how significant or not you are.


  20. On 4/27/2021, 8:24:38, MadManEarle said:

    Just to bump this topic and add my own experience:


    I am in the middle of NRW (not in the cities).


    I applied for the NE in the first week of March (about 9 weeks ago) with a Blue Card/B1/21 Months living here.

    I have not heard anything back yet, but my Blue Card expires at the end of May, so I expect to at least get the letter confirming my application before then - that will be a total of 13 weeks.


    I have not had any kind of interview yet, and I am not sure whether one will be required due to the changes in lockdown measures.


    I have finally heard back from the Ausländeramt, with a 6-month extension of my current Blue Card and news that the rest of my application will be processed as soon as the security check is complete. No dates were given, but this has been 15 weeks since the application. I can only assume that everything will be complete before the extended visa expires.


  21. 6 hours ago, wien4ever said:

    I'm sorry to tell you this but Michael Saylor is a PU$$Y !   He has been invited time and again to debate one-on-one with Peter Schiff but refuses. Why ? Because he knows he'll get his ass whipped, MSTR will come crashing down if Peter pummels him like an MMA fighter. And he will because Saylor is just a bull$hit artist. Just listened to KITCO interviews with him (2 episodes) and he's full of it. He wouldn't stand a chance for 2 minutes with Peter in the ring.


    You sound very worked up over this. Maybe this topic isn't for you.


    In any case, I do not accept your claims. Have you looked into the topic of Bitcoin itself, instead of trying to construct a figurehead for it that you can attack?