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  1. Thriving with 1 in 200.000 disease in Berlin

    Hi Feierabend, I wrote to them 1 week ago but they didn't reply, but thanks for the opportunity you lead me, action is better than nothing!
  2. Thriving with 1 in 200.000 disease in Berlin

    I can think of Google, thank you. Just communication channels open to public usually have low response rate so I asked for local knowledge. Anyways, thanks for your help.
  3. Thriving with 1 in 200.000 disease in Berlin

    Oh, with that day's sadness I misread her message. You are right, but I have no idea to reach those communities. Any idea?
  4. Thriving with 1 in 200.000 disease in Berlin

    I started to believe nobody cares nobody in this life, rate of donations are very low when you compare it with compulsive buying. For a donation you need to make people emotional, and I have no intention to lose my dignity. Either it happens with hard work or not. But thank you for your good wishes and advice, it really warmed my heart.
  5. Thriving with 1 in 200.000 disease in Berlin

    %15 percent of the world population have disabilities and %100 percent of the world population have desires so I think familiarity is quite possible. Lots of people in unfavored circumstances want to migrate to Germany for a better living. For example Turkey is not just wheelchair inaccessible but also people have archaic views about people with disabilities. In Turkish they use a word that I can translate as "barred", there is not even an emphasis of ability in the word. I was living in a village with my grandmother 4 years ago and neighbor didn't even look at my face when she spoke with my grandmother, I said hello to her and she looked at somewhere else. Imagine this happening to 1 billion people, so you will see more of those topics I believe.
  6. Thriving with 1 in 200.000 disease in Berlin

    Thank you guys, I didn't think it's possible too, just wanted to ask you and I am happy that you made diligent research, I appreciate your effort tremendously. I live in Turkey and I assumed my quality of life will be improved because Turkey is terribly wheelchair inaccessible, I am stuck at home for 4 years so I thought maybe I can go around and taste the life like a normal person in Berlin even for a little amount. Seems reality is barring and harsh as always.   Thank you again!
  7. I have a very rare genetic disease causing me muscle weakness. I can't walk, I use wheelchair. Currently I live in a different country and my company tried to bring me to Berlin but they failed. Public insurance won't cover my caregiver expenses for the first 2 years. My question is, how much is hourly, daily, weekly and monthly rate of live-in caregivers? Maybe I can work harder and generate some income to pay caregiver's salary. I want thrive in life, both in work and fun. My current country is an obstacle for that, and I want to increase my quality of life. Any suggestions?