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  1. Good evening,   I received my annual utilities bill for 2020 recently, and was surprised to find a marked increase in the tariff rates for water & sewage as compared to the tariff rates for both in the 2019 bill. I know that our water supplier has a tariff with a base rate (for both water & sewage) that increases with higher consumption and larger meter size, but the overall consumption of the building remained the same (it actually doubled, but that's because the building opened in Q2 2019, and wasn't fully occupied until Q3 2019, so the less consumption in 2019 was due to that). It looks like either the 2019 tariff rates or the 2020 tariff rates are wrong, unless the above mentioned change of consumption (which is not really a change if you consider the history of the building as I mentioned above) can really influence such a big change in the tariff rates. I just want to check with you in case I misunderstood anything in the bill.   Any insights would be highly appreciated!   2019 bill (relevant section) 2020 bill (relevant section)
  2. @robinson100 yes, meter readings are accurate. I checked with the provider, and they say that their tariff rates were the same for both years.   @vivanco ah, the math works out for both water & sewage. It's very odd though that they forgot to charge for consumption in 2019 and bundled that with 2020. Perhaps, it's the apartment maintenance company that did this and not the provider.   Thanks for the help!