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  1. Recently moved from the UK.  I have around 20K annually of rental income from the UK and Kleinunternehmer hopefully will generate a few thousand more of revenue.  Have statutory health insurance.   Now, I understand from reading around TT that Progressionsvorbehalt means that my Kleinunternehmer will be taxed higher up the scale.  I also think I understand that health insurance is deductible from earnings *before* tax is calculated?  My question is, does this apply to the entire amount of my statutory insurance payment (i.e. 15ish% of business income *plus* UK rental income) or only of the part that was calculated on my business income?  This will make a big difference to how I budget.   (Arguing in my head, it feels first like the latter should be true, but then, if I were paying privately, there would be just one sum anyway so then the former seems only fair...)  Thank you!!
  2. ...if it helps, I'm a Kleinunternehmer, invoicing private clients, so neither end is making VAT returns... Do I even need formal invoices? From everything I can find online, I get the impression that I do and that the small amounts format isn't allowed internationally... But I can't find anything definitive...   Sorry to bump the thread but I need to start getting some money in for the work I'm doing and I'm banging my head against a wall trying to figure out this one little detail... Thank you!
  3. Firstly, thank you all for this amazing forum.  Starting a little business in remote statistics tuition from here in Berlin, I've been a bit intimidated by all this German bureaucracy.  But this forum has answered most of my questions...  Except:   How important is it for me to have customers' addresses on my invoices, if they are to be sent to UK private clients?  Does the small amounts format apply in this case (they will mostly be less than 200 EUR)?  I would prefer not to have to ask my clients for their home addresses if at all possible -- it feels like quite an intrusion.   I don't quite understand how much of the German invoice format is for the sake of other companies claiming back VAT, and how much is to cover me in case I'm investigated by the German tax man and need to provide solid links between invoices and the clients who paid them.