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  1. Is this the correct way for employers to send holiday payouts?

      Yes, I have two Lohnsteuerbescheinigung, first for Jan & Feb with tax class 1 and second for March to December with tax class 6.    My question is if I should put tax class 1 in both Lohnsteuerbescheinigung sections on TaxFix even though in reality one of my Lohnsteuerbescheinigung says Tax class 6. I want to put tax class 1 in both because that's the correct tax class I should be in.   Anyways, I assume it does not really matter what tax class i put in the Lohnsteuerbescheinigung section of the tax return form... Because they don't look at tax class when calculating the return. They just look at total income and taxes already paid, right?
  2. Is this the correct way for employers to send holiday payouts?

      I am using TaxFix English tax filling application to file my tax return. It asks me to provide information about which Tax Class is written on my annual Lohnsteuerbescheinigung that I received from my employer.   1. In my Lohnsteuerbescheinigung, my tax class is 6. So, when filing my tax return, in the section where I need to fill tax class, should I write tax class 6 or tax class 1?   2.You said the tax office will 'will add all your income and  determine how much you should have paid for the year being tax class 1'. But how will the tax office know that I belong in tax class 1 if in their database I have tax class 6 and I continue to be billed in tax class 6?   3. Should I ask my employer to notify the tax office that I was billed wrongly under tax class 6 for the past 10 months? Or is it good enough if they change it to tax class 1 going forward?   4. Should I wait until my employer fixes the issues with tax class before I file tax return for the previous year?  I assume it makes sense to wait for the employer to notify tax office about the mistske before I file my tax return so that the tax office knows that I belong in tax class 1 and not 6.  
  3. I quit my employer and they didn't want me to take vacation days so they said they will pay it out to me. Quit Employer A in month 2 Joined Employer B in month 3 Employer A sent additional payslip in month 3 as if I continued working with them and paid me salary towards 'wage-hours' even though I did not work for them. This payment is equivalent to the vacation days left when I quit. The 'vacation' section of the payslip is empty and was always empty in all payslips. Therefore, in 'Month 3', I received payslips from both Employer A and Employer B. Problems: 1. I was automatically put into Tax Class 6 for having two employers at the same time even though I never actually worked for two employers at the same time. For the next 10 months, I was taxed according to Tax Class 6 from my new employer. Even if I get the tax class switched back to tax class 1 at my new employer, I am unsure about what to put in my tax return application so that I get back my overpaid taxes for the past 10 months. If I say I belong in Tax Class 1 in my tax return, isn't it technically not true because according to payslips sent to the tax office, I worked for both Employer A and Employer B in month 3 even though in reality I only worked for Employer B.  2. I have a weekly limit of 20 hours. In the first week of month 3, because Employer A paid me vacation money in 'wage-hours', I technically surpassed the 20 hour limit without actually working more than 20 hours. Furthermore, Employer A submitted wrong name to social security office. (i know i can get it corrected but it caused me a lot of mental distress) Is there a way to fix the problem with Tax Class? Is there a way to sue Employer A for causing so much trouble?