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  1. Hello,      Looking for guidance on  Admission requirements for Bachelors Program in Mathematics and Science and we see this mentioned below  in DAAD and Anabin database " if the requirements for the United States of America High School Diploma are met and an unweighted Cumulative Grade Point Average (CumGPA) of 3.0 is proven"   Does anyone know if this Unweighted GPA 3.0  is on a scale of 4.0 or 5.0 ?    Are there any German universities that accepts USA students into the Studienkolleg for bachelors program with Unweighted Cumulative GPA below 3.0 ?   Thank you so much -Rajapkp  
  2. Thanks engelchen !,  I was waiting for your response.  It is very valuable for someone naïve like me.    Thanks for this note too " if you dropped out for any reason you wouldn't have the necessary education to study something else. "  I am realizing that changing tracks in Germany is not so easy as in America.    And guilty as charged for  "you have not understood how things work in Germany" .     I still have the option of doing my Bachelors ( 2 years or full 4 years ) in USA before considering re-applying hopefully with better grades. or perhaps consider the Exchange program that my American university has with Mannheim university.  I am leaning towards this option.  You had mentioned  previously that my High School cumulative GPA [9th grade to 12 grade ]  and university GPA will be averaged and it should be above 3.0.   One other question :  Is the  "Dual VET vocational school system"   available to international students ?  Is there a path to university study later on or it only ends with a vocational job ?   Thanks a lot rajapkp        
  3. Hello Engelchen, sorry if I offended you .  But thanks for reading my post(s)   you really went back to my older questions in June  . Very good.  I really appreciate your time, So let me respond to your questions to the best of my ability.     Q1.  Yes I agree it was wishful thinking for me to think uni-assist will consider me. I dont want to share my transcripts here but in 11th grade and 12 grade my gpa was 3.4 but due to poor grade in 9th and 10 my GPA came down below 3. To make matters worse my school reported cumulative GPA for only 3 year period 9th to 11th this year due to COVID ( instead of the typical  4 year period 9th to 12th ). This is why uni-assist made the ad-hoc request to my school to re-calcuate the GPA. It was still below 3.0 so I didnt have a chance.   I was hoping I would get some consideration for my better performance in 11th and 12th.  Well, I now know there will be no consideration and I fully accept my rejection.    Q2. I have taken one-year gap year so I wanted to learn the language and travel a bit. When I resume my studies back in US I have some ideas on how to stay in touch with German language. I can volunteer in Goethe institute. There is one near where I live and I have already spoken to them.  I can also do some German language studies within my American college itself. they offer have some German classes with different levels. I will try to stay in touch by reading news online or may be watching German movies borrowing them from our library.     Q3. No I was not trying to get credit for my swimming abilities.  I was expressing my regret for not focusing on getting good grades in 9th and 10th and got   distracted by sports. Swimming did take a lot of my time evenings and weekends and participating in different meets which can be anywhere in the country.   This means missed homework assignments etc. I was also doing wrestling for 2 years. Again I am not blaming anyone for this. It was my own choice. At that time I did not know that grades impact college prospects and I did not know about the Uni-Assist requirements either.    Q4. Yes, I have been studying flamenko/classical guitar for last 9 years. I practiced at least  18 to 20 hours a week for last 7 years. I have participated in competitions like Boston GuitarFest and a few others locally.  I have played classical pieces from J.S. Bach, Beethoven, Augistine Barrios Mangore, Fransisco Tarrega  to name a few. I also have a few small compositions of my own.  I have a few videos in Youtube  ( nothing big but I can share if interested ) . This is why I asked about MusikHochschule.  I am by no means bragging about any of this.  I am just writing this because you asked.    I am feeling OK now about the UniAssist rejection as I did not meet their minimum requirements.   I am definitely not asking for any special treatment. If I dont deserve something then I should not expect it.  Please do not be offended Engelchen .  I just turned 18 and am a bit anxious whether I pick the right path thats all.  If I make any wrong turns now it will not be correctable later.    If you still have appetite to answer two questions I have let me know I will ask only after hearing your response.    Regards Rajapkp      
  4. So just to update my situation,   my High School as an ad-hoc request, managed to  manually calculate my cumulative gpa  and send it to Uni Assist.   But later Uni-Assist found my gpa just below the 3.0 requirement for American High School Students. and so they rejected. I remember people on this forum had already told me this was going to happen.  Since I got good grades in my 11th and 12th grade I was hoping they would consider my application.  It was really my 9th grade thats hurting me. Even though I expected  that Uni-Assist will reject me  but seeing the actual rejection letter made me a bit depressed   Its clear now that  going thru UNI-Assist is a NO-GO for me and I am told most if not all  Hochschules and Universities go thru Uni-Assist for international students.   Anyway I will be in Munich for almost 11 more months and will try to get my B2 certificate. Are there any other avenues for me whether directly contacting the university anywhere in the country is worth a shot ?    Engelchen had earlier suggested to contact StudienKollegs directly if they are willing to give me a placement test before they consider me. But I dont have any leads on this and how to find these contacts     I feel pretty good about taking tests. I got decent/OK scores in SAT and other ALEKS Maths test that I took recently in USA.    I feel the main reason for my low grades in 9th and 10th was I was pursuing other activities that kind of distracted from devoting my full time to studies.  I was in the swim team, I was doing classical guitar for 8 years. did a bit wrestling and sailing.  I look back and regret that I wasted my time in these activities and its affecting my college prospects very badly. I wish I know that 9th and 10th grades were so important. And the school does not even allow to take AP courses if the 9th or 10th grades are low. So you get stuck in this vicious circle.   I know someone who did rowing in high school and managed to get into ivy league ( Yale ). So I picked the wrong sport and off course did not have any medals or high acheivements to show for it.    Oh well, sorry about  my sob story.  This is what it feels like to have a reject letter in hand     If anyone has any leads for me, I would really appreciate it.    At one point I was considering studying music ( classical guitar ) but I dont know if thats even an option for me in Germany with this Uni-Assist rejection.    Regards    
  5.  Forgot to mention ...  I am in Munich right now so I dont know if  directly contacting the university admissions department is a good idea or is it something the universities frown upon ?   Regards  
  6. Hello engelchen and other fellow community members,          I had submitted my official high school transcripts to uni-assist back in June.     Yesterday we got letter from uni-assist that my application is incomplete as my Transcripts does not show "unweighted GPA for grades 9-12"     I actually submitted what every my school gave me.  typically my school calculates 4 year unweighted cumulative GPA  but due to covid-19  they only calculated unweighted cum GPA from 9-11 grades and they reported separately GPA for 12th grade.   I tried to contact my school to ask them if they can calculate unweighted cum GPA  for 4 years ( 9-12 grades ) but I did not get a good answer if they are willing to do it just for me.    I am stuck in this situation that uni-assist is not accepting my official transcript.  Are there any explanations they will accept  directly from the school why the unweighted cum gpa  ?    Can I request Uni-Assist to forward my application to university even if they consider it incomplete.    Does it makes sense for me to directly contact the University and by-pass the Uni-Assist altogether ?   If anyone can suggest how to respond to Uni-Assist that would be greatly appreciated.     Thanks a lot !!          
  7. Americans?

    I am 18 and Just moved to Munich last weekend from Boston to study.  Any American meet ups in the Munich center  area ? I have time weekdays or weekends.   There are some older posts that I saw on this thread but wanted to check if any of them are still open.    Thanks for your time. 
  8. Question regarding sending certified documents to UniAssist.    1. I got my high school diploma certificate and I can  get it notarized and i can send it to UniAssist Berlin .  Will this work ?   2. My school is only giving me unofficial transcripts. So I dont think I can notarize an unofficial transcript. But the  school said they can directly send the transcripts to UniAssist Berlin address  ( although I have no way to track it ).   Is there a better option for me to send certified transcripts ?   Thanks a lot  
  9. Thank you Sir  for your info !.  Will keep that in mind when I am in Munich.  Take Care !   -Rajapkp
  10. Thank you engelchen !   for taking the time to answer all my questions .       One last question  -  Is  Zulassungsfrei  for  Hochschule   considered a Bachelors degree ?  I am assuming they too have the minimum GPA 3.0 requirement.   -Rajapkp
  11. Another thing to ask was does   admission to Hochschule allowed for USA citizens and does it also require 3.0 gpa on a 4.0 scale ?   -Rajapkp
  12. Thank you  engelchen !!   I also see this got moved to the Education forum which is probably where this belongs.      Why Germany ? answer  Well , i have seen college kids here in USA including older friends and family who went to decent schools some even to Ivy league schools and its my opinion that they are just party schools. there is not much depth in what they learn. Most of them end up as software engineers  or work in a Bank and they cant do anything else.  Again this is just my opinion and I could be completely wrong.    I have better faith in education in Europe.   I feel like I can study in Europe and then comeback for Masters or career in America.      Why 2 years ?  answer  2 years if I do bachelors for 2 years in USA and get better grades and re-apply in Germany freshly with better GPA.    I am planning to do the German language studies this summer anyway in Munich and will work towards getting a B2 or C1 proficiency.   But after my German language program I wanted to get a bachelors in Germany.  If I can't get admission because I have a 2.75 gpa on a 4.0 scale then thats too sad.   I am going to do the language course in Munich anyway.      What would be helpful to me is to know what potential avenues I have after completing the language course ?  I have read a bunch of online material  watched online videos and talked to some university placement services over the phone and I get different conflicting answers.  There is also not much info about bachelors program. most of the Q&A is on Masters program.   My first preference was Math/Science/STEM.  but if grades are an issue , I am open to studying  Music or Economics or Business mgmt.  I have done 8 years of Guitar with music theory and little bit of my own short compositions. I am not sure if I can get into any of these programs with a GPA below 3.0 ( on 4.0 scale ).   is the 3.0 gpa ( on a 4.0 ) scale pretty cut and dry ? are there any exceptions ?  does any references/recommendations help at all ?   Any suggestions or advice are welcome and greatly appreciated.     -Rajapkp  
  13. Thank you so much Jeba ! Will contact them tomorrow.    Can I also ask another question on university admissions for bachelors  ?  What are the odds of finding a German university that does not require a Uni-Assist application ?  I am a High School student graduating soon and I am asking mainly because I may be stuck with a slightly lower High School GPA than the required and I don't want to wait for 2 more years before re-applying.    Thanks a lot -Rajapkp