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  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!    A few clarifications: - I have no property in Germany (owned or rented) - My work contract states Germany as the location of the job. I've been hired as they would hire a German resident. My employer has no intention of giving me a special legal setup to help me live abroad (hiring me abroad, paying me as a freelancer, etc). They've hired me as a German resident and if I want to live elsewhere that's up to me to figure out.  - I am currently paying German taxes and German health insurance. The only non-german thing about my employment setup is that my listed address is not in Germany.    (Paying German taxes is of course wrong from my home country's perspective - if that's where I live, they would want to claim the income tax. But let's set that aside for the moment and focus purely on Germany.)   Straightpoop makes an interesting point about the possibility of paying no taxes at all in Germany. Would that require my employer to change come up with a new legal setup for my employment, or could I simply call Finanzamt and say "hey, I don't live in Germany, please stop taxing my paycheck!"?
  2. I have the same question, except I don't spend 5 months/year in Germany, but 0. I have a full-time unlimited German employment, for which I pay full taxes/health insurance etc, but I live abroad, performing my job remotely. (details: https://www.toytowngermany.com/forum/topic/390166-working-in-germany-living-abroad-eu/#comment-3877670)   Can I, spending 0 days/year in Germany, claim limited tax liability? Or will the full-time job prevent me from it?
  3. Berlin Corona Vaccinations

    What do you need to get an appointment?  Would they accept a person with a valid Gesundheitskarte but no Anmeldung in Germany?
  4. A few months ago I was hired in Germany, but due to the pandemic I haven't moved yet (from my EU home country). For now, I work remotely from my home country.  I was able to get a Tax ID without anmeldung by filling out a special form, and since then, I'm getting paid as any German. I'm in tax class 1 and pay all health/social contributions. I get all official mail to my home country address - most recently the TK health insurance card. So far so good - no one seems to mind that my address is abroad - but...   How long can I keep doing this? Will German authorities ever have a problem with it, and demand that I make the move (or at least do anmeldung)? Or can I, in theory, do this permanently?    (let's exclude the fact that my home country won't like it, and focus solely on Germany)