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  1. eID-Karte / unionsbürgerkarte

    An update, a Berlin-resident non-German EU citizen can get an appointment online to apply for their German eID-Karte by pretending that they are applying for a German citizen ID card. No photo will be needed, and the cost is 37,00 €.    
  2. eID-Karte / unionsbürgerkarte

    Update from the Buergeramt   I guess we should cut them slack for not being ready on time, given the pandemic. Though they have been obligated for years to provide the same level of access for EU/EEA residents as they do German nationals..
  3. eID-Karte / unionsbürgerkarte

    It is for my husband, a non-German EU citizen. I already have an eAT which gives me more access to online services than he has!   And I did start my message with "any non-German EU/EEA citizen" :-)
  4. Hello, has any non-German EU/EEA citizen been able to get an appointment for the soon to be issued "eID-Karte"/"unionsbürgerkarte"?   https://www.personalausweisportal.de/Webs/PA/EN/citizens/id-card-for-eu-and-eea/eID-card-for-eu-and-eea-node.html   If so, can you share the required forms and costs?   Here's the response I got from the Bezirksamt Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf von Berlin, Amt für Bürgerdienste     Thanks.