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  1. Experiences with racism in Germany

    Ahh the staring! When I came to live in Germany in 2004, I never noticed the staring. In fact, I never noticed any staring until I came to live to a small town near Austria after living in Regensburg for nearly 9 years. And not even then! It was post 2016 (i.e. after the big immigration wave from Asylanten from Syria and other countries) that I started feeling I was being watched and scanned from head to toe by others on the street in a very obvious manner and without any restriction nor shame.    Now, I think 16 years of living in Germany are a fair amount of time to know what this staring is all about. It's not just plain old curiosity. You see, Germans like uniformity, they are not very tolerant to what is or looks different to what they're used to, they like homogeneity, so when you stick out, that's what you're gonna get: staring til the point it makes you feel rather uncomfortable. Staring til the point you turn to see the person staring and they're right at the corner where they must turn and still bending their neck unabashedly staring at you.   One thing is to love order in your work or home, another one when you like all humans to follow the order in your head, i.e. the one you are used to. This includes dressing and acting in the same way, otherwise it's not agreeable.  It's simple lack of tolerance to what is different. I would go as far as stating it is a way to intimidate, since we all know many Germans do not like foreigners. It's an incredibly hermetic culture, where people think their idiocincrasy is universally acceptable, but in fact, most couldn't possibly play along, adapt or even agree.   The sad thing is, Germany is part of the 'free' world, but you are not free here to be, dress, and act according to your personality. As long as it is different to the norm, it is not allowed. This is the opposite of freedom. A society shouldn't repress the way you are, otherwise it is intolerant to freedom.