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  1. I also live near Frankfurt, though out in the villages. I thought it could be the agriculture that is pretty close to our place. I previously had mild hay fever in spring time, as a result of living in Boston, but It's never been this bad, especially in winter. I will keep a diary, like your daughter's Hausarzt suggested. I wonder if any of these are the reason? I do typically use natural products, especially sulphate free due to curly hair, and i am a healthy vegetarian, but I will keep trying to see an allergist. Since moving, i have eaten more dairy that usual and I wonder if that could be it. I'm not lactose intolerant but they say if you avoid anything for long enough, you develop an intolerance. if anything, maybe its certain trees that are near my apartment that are bothering me.
  2. I'll have to keep trying doctors then. A lot say they aren't taking new patients and some just don't respond to the question, since I am also seeking appointments for other issues. I'm taking advantage of having good health insurance now that I'm here and getting things checked out that should have been checked out a while ago (gotta love the US healthcare system)
  3. I actually take an antihistamine (left over from the states, CVS brand zyrtec) every day and still get these symptoms. I would like to not have to take an antihistamine every day
  4. Red, itchy eyes, coughing and sneezing, random itchy red rashes (but no bumps) and eczema patches now. Overall, just itchier in general. And this is on top of my daily antihistamine
  5. Hi. I recently moved to the Frankfurt area and seem to be having non-life-threatening allergic reactions to something new. I'm not sure what, and with winter fast approaching it's even getting worse. I have seen many doctors have "allergist training" next to their specialties, but every time I contact one they say they can't allergy test me. Is there a specific doctor I need to go to? Is this just bad luck? Has anyone else had weird allergic reactions when they first moved here? I lived here for 3 months in 2019 and didn't have issues, but now that I'm here permanently (5 months now), I have annoying random allergic reaction symptoms. Any help would be appreciated. I have public insurance. And sorry if this topic is elsewhere, I didn't seem to find a forum with the same questions.