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  1. English speaking accountants in Berlin

      Ok, phew. Thank you. That wasn't clear :)
  2. English speaking accountants in Berlin

    I did do it myself but then I had 2 tax bills for different amounts followed by a rebate and then 2 more tax bills with late fees so excuse me if I feel the need to save myself the anxiety.    I'm not telling you you should use one, I'm just trying to be helpful, I forget that can lead to derision and judgement on here @fraufruit
  3. This scenario is for full employment. In afraid if you freelance, then you have to pay all your health insurance yourself which isn't cheap! 
  4. My colleagues have been able to take trips to Belfast with no problem (in Oct last year, the brief interlude when COVID wasn't putting a stopper on all that) but yes best to double check any paperwork that will need doing.
  5. Then again, my boyfriend works for a US company and they do sort his tax for him, the lucky bugger ;)
  6. If you reside and work in Germany, even for a British company, you will need a German contract that abides by German law, and you'll need to pay German tax and use German Health insurance. If your employer is happy for you to work abroad then they should be sorting out a German contract and your health insurance/pension insurance contributions through your salary. You might need to deal with paying income tax yourself. I am in this same situation, I work remotely for a company based in Belfast. They pay me my wage in EUR and the tax I would have paid and then I pay this on to the finanzamt.   This means you should get German payslips and therefore you can prove your income.   This is all from my personal experience so I can't know the particulars about your scenario but I hope this helps!
  7. English speaking accountants in Berlin

    Hi all, I recently (Late Nov 2021) trawled through a couple of websites of english speaking accountants cos it does seem that Berlin has a problem with ones with space on their books. Here are 49 that I found - In green are one's I heard back from with space on their books, in red are the ones I got a 'Leider nein' from and blank one's I never heard back from.   HNY     Sources: - -   Name Address Email Link Eschenhagen Wundtstrasse 48/50, 14057 Berlin Dipl.-Kfm. Michael Schröder, Steuerberater Schmiljanstraße 7, 12161 Berlin BPW Müllerstrasse 138B, 13353 Berlin Winkler Thomas Hermsdorfer Damm 199 A, 13467 Berlin TRUST Ahornallee 49, 14050 Berlin Merla Sebastian Daniel Tauentzienstraße 9-12, 10789 Berlin Fisherman Arne Boyenstrasse 25, 10115 Berlin Unigarant Berlin Alexanderplatz 1, D-10178 Berlin Auras Wallstrasse 58/59, 10179 Berlin HTG WP GmbH WPG StBG Neue Grünstr. 25, 10179 Berlin Brita Schwanke Advice Transvaalstrasse 14, 13351 Berlin Ulrich Leo Rankestrasse 33, 10789 Berlin Goldstein GmbH Berlin Line 1, Uhlandstraße Sneak August Spinnpfad 2, 12555 Berlin Schopp Karin Kleine Rosenthaler Str. 9, 10119 Berlin MGP Merla Ganschow & Partner mbB Tauentzienstrasse 9-12 (4th floor), 10789 Berlin Thomas Langer Charlottenstrasse 35/36, 10117 Berlin Schumacher Carola Schlesische Str. 38, 10997 Berlin Frederik Frey Saarbrücker Str. 24, Building B, first floor, 10405 Berlin Juliane Rupp Sonnenallee 68, 12045 Berlin Abjornson Elke Edelweißstr. 27, 13158 Berlin Arndt Thomas Elisabethstraße 29/31, 12247 Berlin Stein & Partners LLP Ballenstedter Str. 16a, 10709 Berlin Arps-Aubert, Michael Schloßstraße 30, 12163 Berlin BUSS StBG mbH Pariser Str. 42, 10707 Berlin Domus AG Lentzeallee 107, 14195 Berlin Mathias Gust Kurfürstendamm 40/41, 10719 Berlin Kanzlei Besser Gardeschützenweg 98, 12203 Berlin Küpper & Kollegen Giesenheide 25, 40724 Hilden Lanza & Remuss Brandenburgische Strasse 24, 10707 Berlin - Wilmersdorf Losemann Tax GmbH Friedrichstrasse 95, D - 10117 Berlin Dipl.-Kffr. Carola Schumacher Schlesische Str. 38, 10997 Berlin - Kreuzberg Business graduate Jakub Czaplewski Grunewaldstrasse 54, 10825 Berlin Weismann Elena Olivaer Platz 16, 10707 Berlin Blüming & Partner taxconsulting-lehmann Martin Winkler Alte Jakobstrasse 88, 10179 Berlin INFO@WINKLER-TAX.COM Steuerkontor Fischer Knesebeckstraße 32, 10623 Berlin Volkmer Katrin Jean-Monnet-Strasse 2, 10557 Berlin Piaszinski Matthias Eisenzahnstrasse 64, 10709 Berlin Tax consulting company at Kranoldplatz Morgensternstrasse 2–3, 12207 Berlin Bachor Wolfgang Hilbertstrasse 15 B, 12307 Berlin Mazars GmbH & Co. KG Alt-Moabit 2, 10557 Berlin Prof. Dr. Jens Poll Maybachufer 24, 12047 Berlin Stettner Anja Reinhardtstr. 39, 10117 Berlin Behrens, Meschke, Wittnebel & Partner Goerzallee 251, 14167 Berlin Börsing Pohl & Partner Lietzenburger Straße 46, 10789 Berlin ArtevanaTax Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbH Knesebeckstrasse 54, 10719 Berlin Helga Vellmann 10245 Berlin Friedrichshain
  8. Merry Christmas to all on TT

      Steeleye span Gaudete will always be my favourite.   Merry christmas all :)
  9. What are you cooking today?

    These look fab! Reminds me of when my partner and I had just moved here two years ago and decided to make home-made Cornish pasties. They looked amazing but then took a bite only to find that we had picked up a packet of sweet pastry rather than savoury due to our poor German. Super weird experience!
  10. What's got you flummoxed today?

    Ah, I'm glad it's come out well for someone :)
  11. What's got you flummoxed today?

    I am having my first full week off work in a year and we were going to take the train and go north from Berlin for a cycling holiday....on the PRECISE dates of this train strike. Now we're waiting till later to find out if the regional trains are running (unlikely) and then we are unstead going to wait outside Deutsche Bahns offices and kick any executive looking types in the nards.   Not really obvs, just needed to rant.
  12. Transfer money from UK to Germany

      We had Starling in the UK as well and did exactly this to transfer our funds from £ to € and then into our DE bank account in 2019. We asked Starling if we would have to close our accounts once we no longer lived in the UK and they said they didn't care where you lived as long as you could have a UK address attached to the account (I got the same response from Nationwide as well) - so my mother gets all my banking junk mail now, sorry mum!