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  1. Unfortunately, we are in Lockdown again and I regard it as my duty to offer free consulting services for small and medium-sized companies for free at the first meeting ( Take that chance to get more information about SEO, SEA, Social Ads from an expert. I reactivate this offer because I have remarked the need for more knowledge to boost your website. I don't expect anything in return for the service. It's just my passion to help companies that don't feel comfortable about all that digital marketing stuff.  This offer is running to Mid February.
  2. Where to buy sushi ingredients

    It has changed a lot. GoAsia is one of the supermarkets where you can buy stuff for Sushi rolls at the moment. I miss the running sushi restaurants at the moment because u could eat as much as you can in a great atmosphere. Hope it comes back soon.
  3. English-speaking dentists in Munich

    Actually all dentist can speak English or do you have specific wishes?
  4. A place to paint

    I don't know any place where this specific kind of art is offered. But many artists in Munich are flexible and creativ. I can recommend this artist in Munich: . Her paintings are very impressive.