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  1. Hi,    Apologies if I've posted in the incorrect place and also if you are bored of reading these kinds of posts. Please point me towards a blog or something if easier.    I moved to Germany (near Braunschweig) 3 weeks ago with my wife (she's German) and our 7 month old daughter from the UK. We have been talking about moving here for a while and thanks to Covid I was made redundant so we decided to give Germany a try before Brexit hits.    Luckily with my wife being German she has been able to sort out all the paperwork and get everything sorted for us. I'm starting a language course but it doesn't start until February.    I know this is pretty general query but if anyone has advice on things we might need to help us get up and running that would be appreciated.    Thanks in advance.    Luke
  2. Hi,    Does anyone know of a company that allows one way travel from the UK to Germany for a large car or small van? Lots of websites offering it but when you click to search for a rental nothing comes up.    Thanks    Luke
  3. One way car rental UK to Germany

    We're currently in Germany with our UK right hand drive car. We're going back to the UK next week to pick up the rest of our belongings (in the process of moving to Germany) and also planning on selling our car while there.    The idea was to try and leave our car there and pick up a rental to take a few things that won't fit in a van plus our cats. 
  4. Thank you again for all your replies. Sorry it has taken so long to get back to you.   Some very good suggestions about learning the language there, I'll be sure to give them a go. I've previously gone through Duolingo and Rosetta Stone, I'm now giving Babbel a go as they had a good black Friday deal. I really struggle with the grammar as I am sure everyone does at the start, I just can't seem to grasp it at the moment. My wife is great at correcting me but if I ask her questions she usually doesn't have an answer as to why the German language is the way it is which is why I need a proper teacher. I've also started a course on Coursera called "Learn to learn" to try and help me to find a better learning technique for German.   The town I am in is quite small so the only option really for learning German was the KVHS. Does anyone have any experiences with these schools? It sounds like everything is taught in German? My previous attempts at language classes has always been taught in English so not sure how it will be in purely German.   I managed to sign up for N26 bank, thank you for the advice.   I also managed to get a phone contract sorted, like you mentioned I couldn't believe how much security they needed. I had to give passport details and when it was delivered I was out and they wouldn't hand it to my wife, it needed to be me signing for it only. I had to pick it up from the post office and they had to scan my passport before they would give to me.   At the moment we're just staying with my wifes parents but we've just found our own place to move into which is not until next month, we just need to figure out how to move the rest of our belongings over now. Does anyone have recent experience with moving furniture etc from UK to Germany?   Thanks,   Luke  
  5. Wow, thank you for all your replies.    Firstly, yes we have health insurance sorted, with having a 7 month old and wife being pregnant AGAIN that was a priority. For some reason we could only go with the company my wife had when she was last here 12 years ago. Other insurance companies we preferred wouldn't accept us unless we first went back with them.    We've registered at the town Hall, that was our first appointment in Germany.    Not purchased Neto toilet roll yet but I'll look out for it.    Mr Skywalker, I didn't know about the mieterverein. Thanks for the heads up, I'll investigate in the morning. We will be renting at the moment.    @RedMidge some good suggestions there, do I need to take a test or anything to exchange driving licence to German? I've driven quite a bit in Germany but I don't understand the right before left logic. Fair enough at a cross section or something but if I'm driving a straight line road why do I have to stop to let someone from the right pull out?! Anyway...   Do you have any suggestions with banks? I tried to join DKB today but got rejected for not having a credit history. Are there others that I'd have a better chance of joining?