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  1. I have used meetup in the past to find some interest groups in the areas I've lived. I'm now living in Hamburg, and was checking Meetup to find people to play volleyball with. I found one large group, but no activity for over a year. I was then thinking to just start my own, but saw it's $10/month just to start a group (I'm a student at the moment, so would like to avoid that).    Are there potentially other more active sites people are aware of for networking with respect to hobbies / interest groups?    Thanks!
  2. What sites do people use to find groups?

      Thank you! I don't have social media, but perhaps will make one for this purpose, I didn't realize Facebook groups were widely used for these things. 
  3. What sites do people use to find groups?

    Thank you for the google link.    I'm interested in less formal organized groups, which do not require monthly fees / scheduled games. That's why meetup was ideal - a group of people with same interests, which would post up groups and then ask who would show up to play for a few hours (and you of course only pay when you actually can go). 
  4. "Industrial" plastic/cling wrap for moving?

      Amazing, thank you!
  5. I'm going to be moving soon, and starting to think about some of the larger items I'll need to move. One in particular is a large mattress pad (memory-foam type), that doesn't compress very well. I'll be taking it with me on the train, so I'm planning to compress it as much as I can, and then using a sort of strap which can be tightened to hold it in a tightly rolled shape. However, I want to be sure it's not touching the train or ground while I move it, so I would like to wrap it in some sort of industrial plastic wrap.    I was looking on OBI's website but not finding anything yet - is there a German word for the type of plastic wrap I would need?    Not asking for general advice on moving (I know I can just hire a mover, etc.) - only asking question about plastic wrap specifically.