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  1. Thanks for replying Engelchen.  And my education continues .. I'd forgotten you need a degree for an MBA.  My Accounting qualification is regarded as an Oxford (Brookes?) Honours degree and assumed this, with my years of experience would allow me in.
  2. CFA would involve a career-change?  Unsure if I want to commit to a 4 year program.  My tax qualifications are equivalent to Steuerberater thanks to EU passporting. The German qualification would not be useful at senior levels either.   Aren't there English language courses (e.g MBAs) in Berlin?
  3. Hi All, am living here in Berlin already and in a specialised area - corporate taxation.  I have UK ACCA accounting and CTA tax qualifications as well as an international tax qualification.  But I don't have a degree. Most people in the UK complete a degree first before commencing accountancy or tax studies - so I am unsure about doing a degree.    But I am interested in hearing opinions ...
  4. English speaking accountant working in Industry - middle management - wants to take next step up career-ladder by advancing his studies.  German level is B1 and I am already advancing that.   Anyone have links to what's on offer in Berlin, having regard to Berlin and costs ?
  5. Irish dad, German mother, Berlin-based are splitting up. Parents to Irish-born son & Irish-born daughter and Dad is recognised as Dad on birth-certs and kids carry Dad's Irish surname. (Dad recognised as 'guardian' under Irish law before leaving of both, but withoput any declaration of such for the second child)   What, if anything, do I need to be aware or wary of ?