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  1. What to do with angry neighbour's package?

    I think ideally, the courier should always call or at least make sure the recipient is really not at home. If so, they should then leaving the parcel at a nearby collection point (shop or post office). This way, everyone is better off. Living on the ground floor means my doorbell was ringing all day even when I didn't have packages coming for myself. The couriers were always asking me to take packages... It's not just a one-time neighbourly favour we're talking about, but rather a constant chore. I was actually a bit glad that my doorbell was broken, that's why I procrastinated for a while before calling the hausverwaltung.
  2. What to do with angry neighbour's package?

      If someone punched you in the face, I bet you would check if he'd bruised his fist... Just joking. I don't have such high moral standards, to be honest. If someone treats me well, I treat them well. Otherwise, I reciprocate accordingly.
  3. What to do with angry neighbour's package?

    Yes, it's wrong. Sorry, what I really meant was delivery service in Germany sucks!
  4. What to do with angry neighbour's package?

    I just contacted Amazon and asked them to arrange a courier to come and pick it up. They told me I can either use it myself or just dispose of it... Strange... I'm saving the chat history with the customer support as legal back up. And then I'll wait for another few weeks to see if he shows up (my doorbell will be fixed next Tuesday. Been getting in touch with hausverwaltung for weeks now and they finally made an appointment for me). Thanks a lot for the suggestions!
  5. What to do with angry neighbour's package?

    I tried. It's an Amazon Prime package. There's only one number on it and it doesn't work for any of the delivery service tracking page. I think this number is only Amazon only and not the delivery service's tracking number. No idea which service it was.
  6. What to do with angry neighbour's package?

    No, I didn't physically sign for it. The courier didn't bother to ask me to, maybe because of the pandemic.
  7. What to do with angry neighbour's package?

    No, he lives in another building, but the courier told me it was for someone living inside my building. That why I took it.
  8. What to do with angry neighbour's package?

    You're right! From this point on, I won't take packages no matter what. I initially couldn't say no because it was a strange request to take neighbour's packages... Delivery service in Germany is weird.
  9. What to do with angry neighbour's package?

    I find your suggestion to be the most viable. I will contact Amazon and tell them it was delivered to the wrong address as it was.
  10. What to do with angry neighbour's package?

    The courier said it was intended for someone living in my building.
  11. I live on the ground floor, so whenever I receive a package, the courier always asks me to take packages for neighbours (sometimes it's because the neighbours are not at home, sometimes the courier just doesn't want to climb stairs...) I usually took the packages as I am mostly at home during the pandemic (also because I think if I upset the couriers, then they won't delivery my packages anymore and just leave them at a pickup station instead. Is this true?).   But a few months ago, my doorbell broke. At first, I didn't think too much of it and continued to take packages whenever the courier asked. Most neighbours are very grateful of this; one guy even tried to tip me. But one Saturday afternoon, after returning from an outing, I found a note on the building door that asked me to ring their doorbell when I came home since I had their package. I was a bit annoyed but considering my doorbell was broken, I delivered the package to this neighbour as requested.   A few days later, the same neighbour shows up at my door to retrieve his package. This time he was very angry, saying that it caused him great inconvenience last time since my doorbell was broken and he couldn't get into the building (I wasn't home anyway) and demanded that I don't take his package in the future. I said okay. He was rude but what he said also made sense as I didn't think about how my broken doorbell could affect neighbours retrieving their packages.    A few days later, I was receiving a package for myself (I always put my phone number on the address so the courier can reach my door), as usual the courier asks me to take a package for my neighbours. This time, I said no because the doorbell was broken. But the courier insisted that the package was meant for someone within my building so that he could just knock on my door. Lacking further excuse, I took the package.   By pure poetic justice, the courier lied to me and it was that angry neighbour's package, who lived in another building. It has been weeks now and he still hasn't picked up his package. What should I do with it? I don't want to be the sucker who delivers packages for this rude dude. But I also don't want to get into legal trouble by throwing away the package. It's an Amazon package, so no return address is visible. Now it's just taking up space in my hallway...   Any ideas for what to do with this package? Also, how to say no to persistent (and possibly lazy) couriers? Thanks!
  12. I would just install a cheap laser pointer pointing directly to his camera. I find that unreasonable bullies tend not to react well if you try to reason with them, hence unreasonable. But they do respect you if you push back.