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  1. From what I understand I could do contracting for some companies. However I see most jobs on USA jobs are for people not already on the German economy and I don’t know where else to look. 
  2. Yes I can understand the confusion due to my post history. Those were questions I had about certain scenarios I could possibly be in in the future. I had pretty severe anxiety about what my future would hold when I got out of the military. I wanted to stay in Germany and was curious about all the options. I am currently in Germany, married to an EU citizen, and studying to get my bachelors. Hopefully this clarifies things. Now I leave the posts up just in case someone has the same questions I had. 
  3. Like the title states, I have been looking for a German tax professional who is familiar with the US-German tax treaty and how VA disability is taxed. I have read online many different answers, and so far most of the Steuerberaters I have contacted are not familiar with VA disability taxation. 
  4. So basically your saying I don’t have to report it? Can I ask how you know that?
  5. Thanks for the info but I’m a little confused. The example you gave means i would have to report it anyway to the Finanzamt so that they know to tax my 20k salary at 50k. 
  6. Thank you for the help, I have reached out to her. Do you know any others who can help with this? Most that I contacted also say they aren’t taking new clients. 
  7. Hello all,   It is my understanding that in Germany school is mandatory and you can’t just take your kids out of school and go on a vacation. After some research and seeing other posts in this forum I see that there are exceptions such as a death in the family and what not. I was wondering what are acceptable reasons to take a kid out of school a few days earlier than the breaks. To be clear I am not trying to fight this or bend any rules. I would like to take my kids to my family Labor Day celebration which is very important in my family and gave me many great memories as I was growing up. Therefore I would like my kids to experience that if possible.  
  8. Will accepting welfare effect my residence permit? I am going to be married to an EU citizen shortly after we will change my study residence permit to a marriage residence permit. I read online that it is a bad idea to accept welfare as it may make you seem like a liability. My soon to be wife is a student and eligible for about €700 from Luxemburg Bc her parents work there and about €250 from the German government while she studies. I’m not exactly sure on what these welfare programs are called or anything like that. I was wondering if she accepts the money from the German and Luxemburg government that she will be seen as a public charge and my residence permit for our marriage will be denied. Also my proof of income for this residence permit will be the GI Bill MHA and VA disability payments.