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  1. School visa requirements

    I don’t have a specific place I want to work I am open to anywhere. I realize there will be other applicants with better credentials. I also realize it’s nearly impossible to get a job with no German language skills so I will also be working on my fluency. I just thought I would do better in university if I studied in my native language. 
  2. School visa requirements

    No, I genuinely enjoy the way of live in Germany. Also, yes I want a degree which is why I must attend a university to obtain it. I would pursue a degree in international relations which I plan to use to find a job in Germany. Not to mention this school offers many internship opportunities while studying. 
  3. School visa requirements

    I’m much more proficient in English. 
  4. School visa requirements

    To be specific Schiller university in Heidelberg. 
  5. School visa requirements

    I am applying to an international university in Germany that teaches only in English. Does this exempt me from the B1 German requirement? Im probably at the A1-A2 level now but I would like to worry about other things instead of getting my B1 certificate. 
  6. Active duty to SOFA status

    Also you mentioned applying early, can I apply now a whole year in advance and accept the job when on terminal leave to maintain LQA? Would it be better to apply 9 or 6 months out?
  7. Active duty to SOFA status

    Is LQA living quarters allowance? So just to clarify I can’t take an AAFES or MWR job to hold me over while looking for a better GS position without loosing that allowance?
  8. Active duty to SOFA status

    I appreciate the post but I was referring to jobs with MWR or AAFES or another GS position. 
  9. Active duty to SOFA status

    I am currently active duty looking to stay in Germany after I ETS in about a year. I read that I can maintain my SOFA status by getting a job on base. Does anyone know any good websites for these jobs? Also in terms of a timeline how far out from my ETS should I apply?
  10. Independent contractor

    How complex is it to start freelancing? Can you walk me through the process?
  11. Independent contractor

    Hello, I work as an online English teacher on a platform that teaches adults conversational English in other countries. I work from home via webcam and set my own hours. I am confused as to how I go about paying taxes. I do not have a employment contract as a normal job would have and get paid via PayPal. I keep records of all of my “paychecks” but I don’t know how to file taxes. I don’t believe I am a freelancer because my income is from one source. Can anyone help with this?
  12. Teaching English online taxes

    Hello,   I am planning to begin teaching English online through a website that lets me teach to people in China. I will set my own hours and will get paid into my PayPal account. How do I go about paying taxes? I’m not sure if this qualifies for freelance because I will only be using this one source of income. Also what percentage of my income can I expect to pay earning about 15 euro an hour working 40 hours a week? Will I have to pay US taxes? I read that I will have to file a return with the IRS but my income would be exempt if I earned it overseas. However this is a work from home job and I could work anywhere. 
  13. Polizei

    Can I join the Polizei on a permanent residence permit or do I have to become a citizen?
  14. Park rangers

    Does the Polizei have an equivalent to parks rangers in America?
  15. Housing with German wife

    Do you know how I can contact the contractors in Stuttgart?