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  1. Transferring title

    Hello,   I am selling one of my cars to an ID card holder. This car was purchased by myself from another ID card earlier. When I bought the car I was given the title. As most of you know vehicle reg doesn’t really do anything with titles. They only transfer the registration from one person to another. So I have the title in my possession however it still has his name on it. Now the new buyer wishes to take the car back to the states when he PCSs. He is telling me I must contact the stateside DOT to have the title transferred to my name, then back to his name when he buys or else he will not be able to PCS with the car. Is this true? Does anyone have any resources I can read or information on this situation?
  2. Registering vehicle

    Hello,   I am currently in the us military stationed in Germany  and plan to go to school in Germany after. I would like to keep the car I have. I am aware of the costs of converting to euro spec. However I read that I will have to provide a copy of the car’s original registration. Is this true? I don’t think I will be able to track down the cars original owner and get a copy. Or will a copy of my current USAEUR registration suffice?
  3. Bachelors degree recognition

    Hello, I would like to study in Germany for my masters degree. However my bachelors degree is listed as a H+/- in anabin. How bad does this effect my chances of getting acceptances into a masters degree program? Is it up to the individual universities? Does anyone have any experience with this?