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  1. Paxo stuffing

    How to make your own and where to get the ingredients.   Disclaimer. I've seen many British things theoretically for sale in Germany. But they're not in my little German town.
  2. Need a lawyer

    Thanks for the tip. I managed to clear the quotes.   No the offence was malicious communications (abuse to anyone including a sales rep is a malicious communication offense in the UK )    Aggravating circumstances were the fact I have had some turbulent history with the police.  The reason I had the court order quashed was because the officer rather tactlessly said a reasonable adjustment to my diagnosis should be the removal of my internet access   ( he was referring to a stipulation in the equality act that refers to making adjustments. But omitted the Claus that the reasonable adjustments should not be negative in another words a reasonable adjustment to someone with Tourettes for example shouldn't man they're fired. Maybe just given another job other than dealing with customers)   I didn't want to discuss it. Because I was only looking for where I can find a lawyer and if I'm eligible for aid (low income because of a mini job due to the need to care for a 1 year old baby) And I suspected if I discussed the offence which actually led to the order. It would detract from my mission simply to find a lawyer or answers relating to aid.   Maybe it's true that if I weren't vague, suspicions wouldn't be aroused. However my experience with trolls since using the internet for 25 years. Is that they need very little incentive.   Is it right about permanent residency? I thought the card was called a permanent residency card? I know it has to be renewed with a new passport. But that's only procedural?
  3. Need a lawyer

    .   There's a really bizarre bug on this forum using an android device. Each reply seems to be filled in with snippets of other people's posts. I've tried deleting them and clearing the cache. Doesn't seem to work.   I was only trying to ignore the twat Optimista (who I suspect was deliberately trolling. Not making false suppositions as I can't believe anyone is really that thick)   Anyway thanks for the advice etc.   And kiplette has it exact! Despite the fact Optimista was deliberately steering the thread..   I've had a lot of helpful replies. I've posted a question to that lawyer webpage and will set up a lawyer beforehand. Just so I'm not unprepared for any eventuality.   Is it true extraditions are rare? I should think that's true in Cyprus (no extradition treaty with Europe) but not Germany. Not saying you're wrong. But I would be shocked if it's really that low.   From my research. Germany won't extradite unless it's also an offence in Germany. Also if the person is a German citizen. They won't extradite to a non European (meaning Britain) however it doesn't apply to me as I'm still British.   Btw I can't remember if I replied to this earlier. But I came here in August 2020 therefore I have my permanent residency card as my rights to remain are protected .
  4. Need a lawyer

  5. Need a lawyer

      Maybe they shouldn't ban for posting inaccurate info. But a blatant troll is something else. How do I ignore.     No. That was Bollocks from Optimista. Had nothing to do with a no contact order. Don't feed a troll.   I had a mutual argument. That, combined with my attitude and correspondence with the authority's led to an order curtailing my use of social media. Which was subsequently quashed on the basis that they were knowingly discriminating on the grounds of my diagnosis of Aspergers.   One officer (referring to the equality act 2010 reasonable adjustments) remarked " the reasonable adjustment could be the removal of your internet access"   Which is a breach of the equality act.   I communicated with my wife (still my wife) no argument no abuse no offence . DURING the time the order was active. The police became aware and seized my mobile. There's no other offence. There's no stalking there's nothing except whatever the troll Optimista. Conjures up in their own warped mind.   I've already had several useful answers . including you. It's just unfortunate forums are plagued by anti social troll arseholes too.
  6. Need a lawyer

      Maybe they shouldn't ban for posting inaccurate info. But a blatant troll is something else. How do I ignore.  
  7. Need a lawyer

    Whilst I share your liking of a mystery and suspicious mind. Some choose to use an opportunity to gang troll.   For example when I stated an order was imposed on me largely due to a personality disorder. (Which is why I had the order quashed as it was proven in a civil court) An experienced troll can twist how that was worded. Which was pretty much exactly as above. Into " I shouldn't be given such an order because I'm on the autistic spectrum'   Nobody should be given an order curtailing free speech. Just because they convey a message in such a way that somebody doesn't like. (That's my opinion)   But what isn't is that the 2010 equality act states that such a personality disorder should have reasonable adjustments made. Additionally those reasonable adjustments cannot be negative. In other words.. Removing internet freedom as you might hurt somebody's feelings. That's a fact.   I have personal experience in such discrimination cases as I defeated the authorities in a civil action. So know a little about this. And whilst some obvious questions are bound to arise. Optimista's strategy of ridicule based on my diagnosis and how she obviously feels that neither reasonable adjustments should be made or that nobody should be prevented from persecuting somebody with a registered metal health disability is not only a criminal offence in the UK (additionally it's a malicious telecommunication offence) but it is also an offence in Europe.   And IMO is taken too far when she persists in the matter relentlessly and hijacks the whole thread. To the point that those reading only the newest replies.. See and read her horseshit. And accidentally assume it isn't garbage dredged up from the recesses of her own mind, due to whatever personal demons she has. Which I have absolutely zero interest in btw
  8. Need a lawyer

    Just to clarify.   Whilst I'm sure Optimista convinces herself she is very bright and perceptive. The reality is she is just a somewhat experienced troll.   So much so that she seems to have invented a false narrative and had everyone else running with it as if it is a fact. Despite facts that were clarified that she had chosen to ignore as it interfered with her trolling methodology.   In fact she even seems to have totally hijacked the  Thread from the original topic of looking for a relevant lawyer and curiosity of a similar situation, into her own personal witch hunt. Where she makes spurious accusations and conjures up wild unfounded hypothesis and speculation, in an attempt to have me defend myself from whatever offence she can invent (Which I suspect stems from hear own personal insecurities)   According to the definition of an  online troll. She seems to have done rather well in the classic definition  .   None of which bothers me. The feeding of the troll however does.   But to clarify for the fourth time.   The use of what's app was for my then and now existing. Wife . Which wasn't stalking and wasn't non consensual and didn't involve another member of the opposite sex. But was a business dispute. (Which btw I find hard to believe optimista would have experience on the topic. I suspect others are more than willing to cease talking to her) and has stated once and repeated yet again. It was for simple basic what's app communication. If it was stalking. I would not be saying it was simple basic communication. Because I am less interested in receiving inaccurate replies due to providing inaccurate information as I am from hearing a troll constantly harp on with her wilful and deliberate twisting of facts ( I suspect twisting of facts. Either that or she is thick and lacks comprehension skills)   If you suffer from personal problems. I suggest therapy. I am not your therapy session with whom you can exercise whatever deep seated issues you have.
  9. Need a lawyer

    No thanks. I'm already tired of your shots in the dark. It doesn't benefit me to indulge your inane comments one bit.   Maybe you should try reading more comprehensively. Your comments might be more accurate then.
  10. Need a lawyer

    Definitely not. There's a warrant for me in the united kingdom.   So far (14 months) Germany hasn't responded. I don't think it's so cut and dry as some people think.   If for example the charge was murder. I guess anyone would be extradited immediately. Brexit or no brexit.   This case is more convoluted and involves what in my opinion is an infringement on my personal liberty.  The likes of which is practiced in Britain but not Europe/Germany   I haven't even had a court summons yet.   (Which Is how it works btw)   If the application is accepted. They don't just grab you . the application is dealt with in court. The UK makes their case I make mine.   Which is the only reason for me posting this. For a relevant lawyer specialising in this. And maybe first-hand experiences.
  11. Need a lawyer

    It is a matter for Germany. because I reside in Germany since 2020    German courts have to answer an extradition application. In German courts.   Otherwise any country could grab any person for any crime without any oversight of the host country whatsoever.   That's not how it works.   When it comes to extradition the host decides on the applicants request in court
  12. Need a lawyer

    Believe me I have stopped.   In fact even when the order was imposed. The argument which led to it was dead and buried for approximately 6 months.   As already stated. My diagnosis of Aspergers is a factor in this. And my civil prosecution on the relevant authorities for their offence under the equality act . (By The way I got the order quashed but the simple basic communication with my wife occurred while the order was still active)   Imo the attempts at extradition are vindictive and in response to my civil action . But that's off topic
  13. Need a lawyer

    This is why I didn't want to or why the exact details are Irrelevant. Because otherwise the topic gets bogged down in suspicions, accusations and pointless hyperbole.   There's no stalking. Stalking would be a crime anywhere I suspect.   It's basic simple communication (using what's app to talk to my wife)    And this restriction was imposed due to circumstances which occurred 5 years ago and imo are not relevant.and also not stalking but a mutual abusive correspondence online/on the phone. But this coupled with my diagnosis of Aspergers (personality disorder)  Led to the police and prosecution feeling that I had a history of a bad attitude therefore pushing for a court order curtailing my personal freedom. In which case the entire order is contrary to the 2010 equality act. Which says you cannot be treated negatively for any condition covered in the equality act.   But as already stated numerous times. That isn't the issue here and that route is pointless. As it only leads to drama and mud slinging .   The issue is I've had restrictions on my freedom of speech. Mainly using social media (What's app)    Which the European union has made numerous precedential cases stipulating the internet is a human right   Therefore 1. I'm exploring the potential for extradition. .i presume it isn't straight forward Hense, I've been here well over a year.   2. I'm looking for a lawyer in the relevant field.   I'm not looking to be judged or suspected however. Watch your favourite soap for drama
  14. Need a lawyer

    I appreciate there's no specifics. However I don't see it as necessary. As the main point is:   1. I'm wanted for something in the UK 2. That thing is highly likely to not be a crime in Germany 3. German law stipulates you cannot be extradited for an offence which isn't also a crime in Germany (I'll give an example which is nothing to do with me.. Arabia wants to extradite a man for homosexuality. Germany refuses because here homosexuality isn't a crime) 4. I've confirmed the offences here are not a crime. 5. For the UK to extradite. This has to be settled in a GERMAN court . whether or not they will accept. I know the party is applying. But they receive no reply one way or another. (Possibly brexit complexities)   The factors above aren't in question. But the element of confusion comes from the fact that the "offences" may not be an offence here per se. But they were offences related to breaking a court order (if you follow. That doesn't mean illegal per se. But illegal for me specifically)    Also this court order amounted to restrictions on my personal freedom of communication. The UK practices this. But in the European Union. There's legal precedence making these restrictions illegal. Because the right to communicate via the internet has been ruled a human right (there are numerous precedents right across Europe for this)   However the aspect which is still confusing for me is: is breaking a court order grounds for Germany to accept an extradition warrant?  I'm not so sure. Because while at first it seems yes it would be.  In the example I used above. If Arabia placed a court order on a man not to have a relationship with another man. Obviously Germany isn't agreeing to that.   So surely this cannot be too different. If those things aren't criminal here. Also a court order which imposed them is equally unacceptable in Germany.   It's just that I've been here a long time. I'm married and have babies here. And this lingering over my head is unsettling. So even a small element of doubt is a cause of grief.   I'll check out the lawyer question page   Thank you 
  15. Need a lawyer

    I'm pulling my hair out over this. Tried Google and various other sites can't find a clear answer.   I need a lawyer to defend myself from certain allegations.   Can I presume that there is some sort of legal aid here?  If there is. I can only seem to find lawyers charging 300 an hour. I also presume if I were summoned to court then I WOULD be appointed a free lawyer. So is there a reason why I can't seem to find one to preemptively quash allegations and threats of persecution which are damaging to my character.   Because of the language barrier I'm not sure. But it seems likely I'm supposed to wait until I'm summoned to court and/or charged.   Additionally finding an appropriate lawyer seems another hurdle.   To clarify the allegations are from the UK. And I have a very strong suspicion would not be considered a crime in Germany. According to my research you cannot be extradited for something not also considered a crime in Germany.   Any pointing in the right direction would be greatly appreciated