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  1. Neosporin/Polysporin in Germany

    Citation needed
  2. Swearing at people and insulting them is illegal

    Nonsense. The first amendment protects free speech. Only threats are not allowed. Don't perpetuate rubbish.   I admire America specifically because of their constitution . Which will will in any attempted prosecution
  3. Urgent help required permanent residency

    Following this thread with interest.   It seems we are ok for now.   But hearing some stories on Facebook. (And I know we should take this with a grain of salt but..) Some people say they were given "temporary residence"   Others even suggesting the requirement to give a bank statement is indicative of a necessity to show you can support yourself financially. There's an official (supposedly) group on Facebook who claim to have taken part in the brexit withdrawl negotiations. *Citation needed* even they say that showing you have enough savings "may" be a requirement.   Based on this I'm reluctant to pursue the application process without first putting all my savings and holding off getting a new (bigger) apartment because of a new 8 pound addition to the family, because I'm worried the drastically reduced savings amount. Which is over 2 thousand simply for a deposit, before furniture is even looked out *may* effect our application.   All this would be solved if simply the foreigners office were communicative. But they aren't. In my defence the first 3 emails I sent had over a month between. The response was vague, short and concise. Ignoring several of my questions. Phone calls were ignored so I began emailing more often but imo not recessively maybe twice a week.    Well if they just answered once properly I would be happy. Being particularly articulate myself, especially vocally. I feel I can safely say their response was *poor*   It isn't enough to just say keep waiting. We have a family here and certain plans we need to make are effected by their unresponsiveness. Not to mention it has cost me 2 job possibilities already.  When simply the employer wanted a written confirmation I could stay and work (2 months no reply) when I finally got the letter I uploaded here, the job possibility had passed. And it would have been a great one. Perks, career prospects. Great wage and transport provided.   I am not normally one to complain. Live a quiet life and keep to myself.  This to me just seems unprofessional, because I could do a better job myself. For.definite   Oh and not sure how covid can always be used as an excuse. Even when you're job only involves emailing and you're working from home.  Smells like shirking to me but oh well.
  4. Urgent help required permanent residency

    Her email isn't working
  5. Urgent help required permanent residency

     🙄   Her email doesn't work. What's the BMI page sorry
  6. I have been constantly contacting the city of filderstadt in order to get our permanent residency.   Apparently due to some software problem (idk?) All we have been given is a  letter confirming that we came here in 2020 and directly registered our residency. But it states quite clearly that IT IS NOT AN ENTITLEMENT TO STAY.   this is odd. Because my research into this and keeping up to date on the withdrawal agreement.   All British who came and registered their address in 2020 can stay. Permanently. There are no conditions. Not even employment. (Which was sketchy in 2020 but not now)   This is rather unsettling. We have a home, employment and a German born baby here. How long should this go on?   I've even resorted to contacting Berlin who state in no uncertain terms that we can stay and there are no requirements under the withdrawal agreement. Obviously they couldn't help though. And directed me to Baden Württemberg   (Who just continuously don't help)   This is really getting nowhere. Exactly what can I do. If I have to. I will even consult a lawyer.   Regards