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  1. The worst neighborhood/district of Munich

    Moosach and OEZ are not that bad. A little bit quiet. But there are some cool place. In Summer i take my bike and drive to the Olympiapark. I think the most creepy street in whol Munich is Einhornalle near U-Bahn metro Holzapfelkreuth. It was so creepy that I wanted to move away very quickly. You have to walk 10 minutes(!) to reach Bus station. Now i take care of the most beautiful places.
  2. Experience with virtual events?

    The next months will be very tough for us all. So we find to find other ways for networking options instead of  typical event. I have fund something interesting here under Does anyone have experience with events like that where you don't have to rent a room and create a virtual event. This could be interesting for music bands.
  3. Yoga schools and classes in Munich

    I am not sure if she teaches in English as well. But try it with Barbara Heiner. She is living in Munich and offers Online courses.
  4. Travelling to Prague (Covid19)

    Some Parts of Czech Republic is risk area. It could be expected that the warning will spread to the whole country.
  5. How to find an apartment or room in Munich

    I find the best way is to create a request in newspapers like Merkur. It could be a very effective way.
  6. Have you tried any relocation services with experts?