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  1. Debt - Ratenzahlung

    Hello,    in October 2020 I signed a rental contract for an apartment in Berlin, I was separated from my wife and kids. I lived there for 33 days, then I needed to go back to Bavaria because my wife was ill and I needed to be with my kids. I decided to stay in Bavaria where my kids are.  So I wanted to break the rental agreement in 3 months and pay all the rents, but the problem is that in agreement is written that I can't quit the rental agreement for 45 months.  My landord (agency) sent me an email that I need to pay 5000 Euro so the contract can be broken or they will charge me 30000 Euro. I agreed to pay 5000 Euro, and we signed an agreement.  I was delivered a letter from a layer that I need to pay 5200 Euro right away.    There is no chance that I can pay that money right away. Is there a posibility to pay them some amount of money on monthly basis? What can I sent them and how to ask them? Is there a civil right in German law to be able to pay in montly rates?    Thanks