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  1. New DHL shipping rules

    Has anyone recently shipped packages from Germany to the US not using Premium service recently? How long is the delivery taking?   I want to send a small package, but am seeing a notice that they reserve the right to send packages without "Premium" service as ocean freight and can take up to 60 days to deliver. I don't know if this notice is more of an FYI or the norm since I've not shipped a package since before the pandemic. 
  2. What will my US car need for TÜV?

    My advice is to not ship a car from the US to Germany, unless as other says, it has sentimental value.    We moved to Germany in 2019 and shipped our 2015 Audi in the same container as our household belongings since we had the space. We thought it would be a better to bring it with us, even knowing it would need to go through the certification process.  It was such a hassle having to coordinate between the companies that handle the different pieces, and in the end cost us about 5k EUR for shipping, customs, changes, certification plus transport from where the work was performed in Hamburg down to Munich (we used a car shop close to the port our container arrived at). Also, it took 2 months for our container to arrive to Germany plus another 6-8 weeks to go through all of changes & certification, so we used a car share for 4 months before our own car arrived.   Some things that got changed were the lights (e.g. EU certified, blinker lights changed from red to yellow), the cleaning mechanism for the headlights, changing the speedometer to km, license plate holders, we did have to buy winter tires but that would have been required anyway. We didn't have to worry about emissions since we came from CA where they are pretty strict on this and the car went through regular certifications.   Before we moved, we contacted 3 or 4 different car shops that could do the work & certification for us and we had a hard time getting them to nail down a quote on costs because everything depends on the car. We also spoke to some places that were a little grey in how they get the cars to pass certification... so watch out for that too.  Definitely call places ahead of time to ask for quotes if you are going to do this.   In the end, the car passed certification and was delivered to us just fine. But in hindsight, it was more stress than was worth it. 
  3. Shipping two dogs from Germany to the U.S.

    Your daughter may want to check Lufthansa Cargo to see if she can transport her dogs to Cypress through them. It will be more expensive than having them on the same flights as her, but it's a more secure way of transporting animals. https://lufthansa-cargo.com/products-live-animals And I agree with BethAnnBitt about making sure all of the paperwork is completed. There are timeframes for completion of vaccinations and other documents before arriving, and I also recall having to make a special appointment with a USDA office 48 hour or so before we departed to have all the paperwork signed off on. Added a bit of work and stress right before the move .. but, we arrived with our pet just fine.