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  1. Dear Optimista, thanks for your reply (even though your comment does not reflect your username) it is completely legal to have a car without a German driving license, I use it for Business (online renting) for passive income.
  2. Dear Community,   I will make the description a short as possible: So I actually had a card in Munich while I live in Berlin, I don't have driving license yet!   I use my car for online renting and my friend is taking full responsibility of it, in 2019 someone drunk hit our car and damage it, the police catch him and we got a paper for the accident.   So we took this paper to one of Toyota garages and they promise to fix it and will get paid with the insurance of the drunk guy, after 6 months they sent us a bill, and at the same time they refused to give us the paper that shows the insurance and the identity of the guy, it was very weird, they said that the insurance did not want to pay.   We refused to pay until they give us that paper (communication in writing), they sued me in Mars 2020 VOLLSTRECKUNGSBESCHEID that I did not pay them, we tried to appeal but (thanks to my friend) he appealed late! So I sent a payment with a further explanation that we only wanted to make it fair (you give us the paper, I pay you ...etc)   So that is the story, I was just worried a bit because the day where I had my appointment for my permanent residency the women asked me why you have "Gerischt" I did not understood what gerischt is (until i went home and used translation) so I could not reply or communicate proper german! so she said do you have A1 certificate? I replied no, then she said you should be able to have a minimum of language (A1).   So I need to book again another appointment etc..   Back to the question, so the woman in the Auslanderbehord was asking about that thing which makes me worry a bit, can this influence the decision of my residency in my next appointment, given that I have also crossed the red light with bike 2 times, and got that yellow letter...   any help is appreciated