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  1. Moving to Hamburg with young children

    Sure I can but that is not going to beneficial for them in terms of learning the German language so I hope they can get into a creche as soon as possible.
  2. Moving to Hamburg with young children

    Thank you all for your replies, it is very helpful. I appreciate your feedback in this difficult time of decisions to be made.   We have heard some concerning experiences from a couple of expats (friends of our friends) living in Hamburg where their children are apparently treated differently by the teachers themselves, due to the poor German the kids have. They fall behind and do not receive support: they were sent to kinder neurologist to be assessed and these parents feel there is a general attitude to “judge” young kids.   The above does not sound good to us, we wonder if that’s an actual thing or maybe just bad luck???  Our eldest will be 5 when we move to Hamburg, very close to the age she’ll start primary school hence little time for a proper catch up of the new language. After hearing this we are worried she may not receive support and on the contrary feel inadeguate and/or judged.    gambatte, thank you for that I will send you a private message if I can figure out how to do, I am new to this group.   
  3. Moving to Hamburg with young children

    Thanks a million for your reply!!!   My husband is getting transferred to Hamburg with his current job.   I will not have a job straight away and that's obviously is another concern: I am a Senior Engineer in medical devices industry and I hope I will be able to find a job in English otherwise I will be in trouble. (Any advice on this wiil also be greatly appreciated) I am currently taking an additional degree, in Jan 2021, that's why we won't be able to move before that time, otherwise we understand how crucial would be for the kids to get there as soon as possible.   My brother lives in Hamburg since 5 years, we visited her a few times and enjoyed very much the city it seems it has so much to offer.    As soon as my husband's new contract is finalized we will start looking for a house. My idea was to enroll my children in random creches around the city and hopefully be lucky enough to find a house in the catchment area of one of the creches I've put their name down. Do you think this is feasible? Any other suggestions? Also, if creches have 12 months waiting lists and I enroll them now, where will my children go when we arrive in April?? I don't even know if they will accept requests from a family still living abroad - as soon as my husband is sorted I'll dig into that.    Thanks a million.  
  4. Hi all,   we are planning to move to Hamburg from Ireland next spring when our children will be 3 and 5 years old. They have no German.   We are very worried in particular for our 5 years old daughter, we are worried that she will feel isolated in the creche as she does not understand the language and the other children will not understand her when she talks. We don't have any German neither therefore will not be able to help her in any ways unfortunately. We' are currently looking for a German tutor here in Ireland to introduce them to the new language gradually, we think this might help. Also, she will loose her best friends, she loves having her friends over to our house for playdates and we imagine we won't be able to arrange any playdates once in Hamburg at least until we are in somehow fluent in German. Are we going to ruin her childhood? is she going to be traumatized? We are so concerned. We mentioned her a couple of times what could happen in spring and she was not happy, she said I want to stay here with my friends, I want to  stay in Ireland forever, I don't want to go to a new creche, and things like that. We won't be able, at least for the first months, to get to know other parents neither with no German!!!   Other concerns are: we will arrive in Hamburg around April 2021, will the children be accepted in the creche at this time of the year? Will our daughter be accepted in the vorschule in September/August 2021 with very little German? We are worried she will be 1 year behind if they will not let her start the vorschule. We know there are long waiting lists so I will try to enroll them in advance: can I have my children down in the waiting list even though still living in Ireland?   We would love to hear from other parents that have gone through similar situations.   Thank you in advance!