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  1. I would like to request some quick advice regarding a divorce/separation situation, while I get legal advice (difficult during this time of the year to get ahold of legal counseling). I am married and we have two very little kids (2/4). This morning after a brief disagreement, my spouse escalated the situation and started insulting me, shouting and hitting me in front of the kids. I asked her to leave the house, which she did but not without throwing my clothes out of our closet and taking our only car (with the child seats). It is not the first time that the kids are witness of her violence against me (last was two days ago). But this time is really enough and I don't want her around anymore. While I try to find some legal advice, I have some questions: - Is there a way to stop her from coming to our home again, at least until she is mentally more stable? - Can I legally ask her to return the car? I'm the legal owner according to the documentation. - Should I report this incident to the police? I have most of it recorded in audio and video. - Any recommendation on legal counseling? I am an expat and my German is terribly limited. My intention is to file for divorce due to continuous abuse and violence at home (against me mainly).   Thanks for the advice.
  2. Neighbour is threatening with video recording us

      That's exactly what I said in the first message, If you read attentively. This is not about that. It is first about possibly illegal video recording of me and my family; and second about the lack of politeness of a neighbour when parking a big vehicle in front of someone's houses when there is enough space around the corner to do so.
  3. Neighbour is threatening with video recording us

    Correct, it’s a vehicle with its motor and driving unit. No trailer of any kind.
  4. Divorce lawyers in Munich - recommendations

    Hi,   I would like to ask for recommendations as of 2021. Thanks for your advice.
  5. We live in a quiet street of rowhouses. Since some months there is a wohnwagen parked daily in front of our house and only moved 2 or 3 times.  This situation has become a nuisance for us and our surrounding neighbours as we use the car daily for work, bring kids in and out, and also for our elder neighbours to unload their groceries.   Today I met the owner of the wohnwagen and I very politely asked him if he could park the vehicle a bit further away, as there is plenty of space around the corner where no one is living. He immediately started with an already pre-memorized argumentation about his rights and his taxes being paid. I just told him, look, I am asking you friendly as a favor to park it somewhere else, specially because tomorrow I have a big expedition delivery coming. He only accepted to move the vehicle 2 meters back but refused to move it away.   I understand that this is his full right, but relationships between citizens can also be friendly and not only fitting into a legal framework. Still he declined so I accepted, disappointed of his lack of cooperation.   Hours later he came back again by our house, and my wife opened the door for him. He started complaining again that he is parking with his full right. Also mentioned that his vehicle had already been vandalized before and the police are already notified.   What bothers me, though, is the following:   He told my wife that he is also video monitoring the vehicle and its surroundings itself. Apparently he lives around the corner in one of the tall apartment buildings. But we don't know if he is doing some kind of video recording from his apartment window or from within his vehicle with a dashcam.   This is now upsetting me, because in any case, any recording would go through our front yard, possibly also recording the inside of our kitchen (which has a window to the street). How can this be legal? Is there anything I can do about it?   I would also appreciate other tips on how to deal with this unfriendly citizens that even though they're in their full right they do not help to create a good living environment for all.   Thank you