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  1. @john g. Its not easy to just like that to send people out of their apartments in germany , without the mutual consent from tenants .    This WG , has semester based contract system. Winter semester  starts September, and new contracts would be issued /renewed  or denied to be renewed.   Also, as per contract,  if inhabitants dont follow House Rules,   they can be denied for contract renewal in subsequent semesters.     "Definitely not on streets"     Since, the city has quite number of WGs around... with the Hochschule, berufschule  located around... 
  2. @MikeMelga   Its accumulation of behavior from those two inhabitants.  Its not just one incident. Firealarm in kitchen was already noted by administration and the inhabitants were warned not to repeat.   After my argument with those two inhabitants,  I informed House administration,  that If this kind of incident /threatening hate speech  happens again, I have to call police and I have to report about the house administration  as well,    who fail to monitor such behavior, even after I bring this to the house administration  knowledge.   I also had photos of how they maintain the common area like kitchen, and took this to the house admin's knowledge.    In August first week,  the main guy from administration contacted me and said,  there will not be any need me to go legally for this kind of incident ,  as house administration will give me a solution soon .    Result:  Inhabitants have been moved out. 
  3. Hallo Everyone,    I started this post in 24th July 2020. Today is 15th September 2020.   The issue has been fixed.    The two inhabitants have been vacated by the house administration in end of August.    Lesson to be learnt:   Do not run or move away from your apartment due to insane/sick minded people.  Fight for your right. As everybody,  has the right to be treated with dignity.    I thank all people who replied that i should vacate my room and safeguard myself.      Now I have safeguarded my right  and also hopefully, paved a way for others to learn...what to do in such situation (i.e) face the situation and speak your right.
  4. @lisit :  was your previous work permit tied up with the firm you were working before ? If your aim was to get ,Permanent residency,  i would not have got or applied for Arbeitslos geld.    If your work permit tied up with a particular company , you should inform the authorities.  In some cases, your tie-up is valid for 24 months, after that, you can take up any job and you dont literally need permission from authorities.   During the time of application for permanent residency,  you should be in possession of a job to support yourself/dependents ,  a place to live which you pay the rent and your history of social / pension contribution .  
  5. @optimista alright 
  6.   @optimista i believe so. Because that was an experience from another post responder who did not mention anything about who did like that. 
  7. @optimista  I believe you read somewhere in between the posts  and quoting different statements to connect and then write what you wanted. Good luck. 
  8. @jeba   it might have been !  But, I hope you would agree that  for a healthy outlook on an incident ,  its better to avoid prejudice while commenting.  Essence of this incident is : people take it personally when we talk about basic social respect / hygiene .     I wrote the post as it was happened without misleading any fact.  Thanks for your opinion.much appreciated
  9.  @sachssExactly:  what is happening !!! Certain things, i prefer not to write here. As some forum members, might think am "right wing propaganda ".     All what I expected in a shared apartments living  is ,  a basic understanding of civilized society and a decent hygiene. Thats all
  10.     My personal opinion is :  Lets say, such an incident happens.  Then i follow ,the rule "leave it and move on " .   This might or might not happen to other people .  If everybody moves on,  then it might become a habit for such behavior to continue.  I do not want to be a reason for this issue to just continue forever.  I do not want other people (in future) to get treated the way, I got treated  !!!
  11.   Agreed ...  thank you LeonG    
  12. People turn to public forum for a cause and getting a useful reply. I am not here to get a favorable reply but a useful reply.     If Somebody comes up with a critical suggestion  , it might help some instances in future.     I never attacked anyone. I have acknowledged thankfully for the comments.     For instance, you say , kitchens dont have a fire alarm for a reason. This forum is all about understanding things better. If you can, then explain or give a logical website link why is it a reason !    I have got the direction from some of the useful forum responders, who care for a healthy discussion/insights.    With due respect  , do not dilute the essence of original post using term "right wing propaganda ".    Thanks for all, who replied with a critical analysis of the situation
  13.  I am not sure what you refer to partying on 10th.    I believe, it's sort of lifestyle cultural differences.  Nevertheless , that does not make one group of people superior/inferior to other people
  14. Fraufruit : thanks for your useless comment.
  15. Thanks for your insight, John g.