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  1. Getting British passport for my German/UK child who is 14

    Press Ctrl-Alt-Delete and click Start Task Manager. Choose the Processes tab, select rdpclip.exe, click End Process, and close Task Manager. Restart the process by clicking Start > Run (just Start in Vista and Win7), typing rdpclip.exe, and pressing Enter   Google is a friend to all ;)
  2. Getting British passport for my German/UK child who is 14

    No it is citizenship I am talking about. If I pay the grand and get him citizenship via the UKF form it will take 6 months and it will be too late for him to get dual citizenship. The problem is that after the UK leaves the EU, Germany does not allow for dual citizenship except with other EU countries (and Turkey I think), by applying for citizenship for another country you automatically lose German citizenship. My son will never stop being British because Britain allows for dual citizenship with all countries but after Brexit he would have to give up his German citizenship and therefore also his freedom of movement within the EU.
  3. Getting British passport for my German/UK child who is 14

    Sadly, that is not the case, believe me I have gone over the issue. If your child was born before 2006 and you weren't married at the time, they will not automatically inherit British citizenship by decent. It has to be applied for with the UKF form, however there is a grey area if you got married after the birth (which is my situation). My 2 younger kids born after 2006 do not have this problem, they are automatically British by decent.
  4. Getting British passport for my German/UK child who is 14

    Thanks Swimmer, good to know about the domicile, unfortunately no way I can afford the grand, especially as I have to prove my finances are in good standing if I apply for the einbürgerung. All the best
  5. Getting British passport for my German/UK child who is 14

    The problem is that countries differ on what illegimate and legitimate births mean and the gov website isn't too clear on this. For example after a lot of digging I found this: https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/118568/legitimation-and-domicile.pdf The info here on germany creates more questions that answers, for exapmle my son is legitimated by the legal document I have but will the UK gov accept this for a passort application? Also according to the same info I was actually still domiciled in the UK when he was born as I hadn't made plans to move to Germany permanently and was still visiting the UK frequently, this would legitimate his birth according to British law. I am currently looking for an immigration advisor.  
  6. Getting British passport for my German/UK child who is 14

    Perhaps someone here can help me as I am in a similar situation trying to get british passports for my 3 kids before March. My 2 younger kids should not have a problem even though I realise I am cutting it very fine with the timing. However my 13 year old was born in 2005 before I married his mum. The rules changed afterwards in 2006 which ment it didn't matter but basically he doesn't automatically get my british citizenship because of this. I have written to the HMPO for advice on this but I think they have given me incorrect information. From my own research it should be enough to give them a copy of my marriage cert after his birth to grant him automatic citizenship, however they have now told me I must apply for his citizenship using the UKF form and a process that can take up to 6 months. I am sure this is not the case because even in the form itself it is stated: "If your parents married after your birth you may already be a British citizen. This will depend on which country’s laws applied to your father at the time of the marriage.Some countries’ laws –including the UK -state that where a child’s parents marry after the child’s birth, the child will be treated as if the parents had been married at the time of the birth. If your parents married after your birthyou may wish to seek the advice of an immigration adviser". In Germany "marriage by itself after the birth of the child does not serve to legitimate the child. The child’s legitimacy requires the additional legal act of the father’s acknowledgement of paternity", however I have the legal paternity document and my name is on his birth cert. Also on the gov website when applying for a child's 1st british passport from abroad it only asks for your wedding cert to be included in the supporting documents for a child born before 2006. There is nothing about having to apply with the UKF form. Should I write back to HMPO and challenge the information they have given me? If I have to go through the UKF process it will cost over €1000 and take 6 months and he won't get dual citizenship after brexit, if I can apply for the passport with supporting documents he can get dual citizenship like his siblings and it will only cost the price of a kids passport. Has anyone else had to deal with this issue? Any advice most welcome!